Dr Anne Sinnott

Head of SSE Laboratories

Support Staff (Technicians)

Contact Details

email: a.sinnott@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 85 5219

Teaching Interests

Ice Age Britain (GEOG3012)

Aspects of Forensic Science (BIOS3020)

Professional Bodies

Quaternary Research Association


Devoy, R.J.N., Nichol, S.L. and Sinnott A.M. (2004) Holocene Sea-level and Sedimentary Changes on the South Coast of Ireland. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 39 pp.

Kristensen, P., Knudsen, K.L., Lykke-Andersen, H., Normark, E., Peacock, J.D. and Sinnott, A.M. (1998) Interglacial and glacial climatic oscillations in a marine shelf sequence from Northern Denmark: A multidisciplinary study. Quaternary Science Review vol. 17 pp. 813-837.

Devoy, R. J. N. and Sinnott, A. M. (1997) Studies of diatom records, seismic stratigraphy and sea-level changes from the European Shelf and coasts. In, J. D. Scourse (ed.), SHELF: The Northwest European Continental Shelf Over the Past 250,000 Years- Palaeoecology, Palaeoceanography, Tectonics and Sea-level Change: Final Report, 62pp. + Figs. The Coastal Resources Centre, University College Cork. Commission of European Communities, Research Contract Publication, Contract No. EV5V-CT93-0255, Brussels, 420pp.

Sinnott, A.M. (1996) The Shape of Things, in D. Rowe and C.J. Wilson (eds.). High Skies Low Lands. An Anthology of the Wexford Slobs and Harbour. Duffry Press, Enniscorthy, pp. 58-63.

Sinnott, A.M. and Devoy, R.J.N. (1992) The Geomorphology of Irelands Coastline: patterns, processes and future prospects. Hommes et Terres du Nord, vol. 3 pp. 145-153.

Departmental Responsibilities

As Chief Technician I have responsibility for the management of the laboratories and technical support across the department.