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Associate Lecturer

Worcester Business School

Department of Management and Finance

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Heading into the 5th iteration of her working career, Beryl has boundless belief that everyone has potential way beyond what we might think.  Finding ways to unlock the excellence in each of us and track the path to use our uniqueness is what makes Beryl inspiring to work alongside.  The world has always changed from one generation to another, and Beryl finds significant enjoyment in seeing the world from the viewpoint of younger generations.

Teaching Interests

Possesses significant general management experience to include recruitment, selection, training, development and performance management; strategic and interpersonal change management; negotiation; presentation and communication; time management; motivational techniques; strategic planning and leadership.  Teaches and coaches on Senior Leader Apprenticeships, Masters programmes and Executive Education. Personally interested in neuroscience and the effect of mental health on thinking and decision-making capabilities.

Business Interests

Has turned around the performance of businesses and inspired the setup of entrepreneurial companies.  Works with companies owned by private equity to integrate acquisitions and add value through people ready for re-sale.  Adept at diagnosing, designing and delivering director, senior leadership and middle-management programmes, linking them to tangible projects with measurable returns.


Brings a rare balance of academic and practical insights and, as well as mentoring businesses, authors 26 Steps® -

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PGCert He

BA(Hons) Training Education



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Fellow of HEA

Recent Publications

26 Steps to Team Leading/Manufacturing Supervision

26 Steps to Operational Management

Aspiring Talent


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External Roles

An inspiring Business Mentor, Interim Manager & Coach with the ability to help senior executives and their senior management teams clarify and strategise their goals within the public and private sectors.  Works closely with sponsors as a consultant and ally, to bring about strategic changes to maintain a competitive advantage.  Works alongside 18 – 24 year olds leaving foster care, to inspire and motivate them to find their futures, becoming financially and emotionally successful.