Students Gain Work Experience with Multi-award Winning Magazine,


Third year student, Martina Salatekova and second year student, Alisha Roberts, who are both studying Media and Culture, were invited to help at

The students were tasked with creating blog content and film footage as part of a programme of creative workshops, delivered by a series of experts from across the creative industries, including Saurabh Kakkar, Head of Comedy Development at Big Talk and broadcaster, Tommy Sandhu.

The students received training in how to use professional camera equipment and put together interview questions for the workshop facilitators and participants. They were also able to sit in and take part in the workshops, which included comedy writing for television, scriptwriting and television production.

The purpose of the workshop programme was to give new and would-be writers the opportunity to learn from those who have already made successful careers in their chosen field. Both students had the opportunity to hear insider stories and gain industry insight, whilst also learning top tips, such as how to be proactive and get work.

Martina said: "It was truly an amazing opportunity to meet such successful people from the field and to gain practical skills, being the person behind the camera and conducting interviews in a professional context. After hearing the personal stories that the experts shared, I feel a renewed sense of motivation, feeling like I can achieve my aspirations."

Alisha added: "I feel motivated to begin searching for more experience, discovering other types of roles within the media field. My time with DESIblitz has taught me that no job can be considered a bad job - everything is worthwhile experience.

Katy Wareham Morris, Lecturer in Media and Culture at the University of Worcester, said: "The students were able to make professional contacts both with industry professionals, including BBC producers and the award-winning creatives at Both students had the opportunity to develop their practical skills, whilst also having to consider communication style, managing priorities and meeting professional standards.

"As a mark of their success, both students have been invited to continue working alongside the social digital venture, helping them to deliver rich content to communities worldwide."