New Book Charts the Hidden Heroines of the Suffrage Movement


Hidden Heroines: The Forgotten Suffragettes goes behind the headlines and the leaders of the suffrage campaigns to find the less well-known women who paved the way for women to gain greater equality in Britain.

It has been co-edited and authored by Professor Maggie Andrews, from the University of Worcester, and Janis Lomas, with input from University of Worcester History and Law students, who have written some of the chapters.

"Many have heard of the role played by the Pankhurst family and their struggle to win the vote 100 years ago," said Professor Andrews. "This book is about 48 unknown women, a sample of the thousands and thousands of women involved in years of campaigning. Their stories, their struggles and sacrifices demonstrate that support for the suffrage came from all classes and all walks of life."

The book was launched at a conference at the University on Saturday, November 17, called Women's Suffrage, Politics and the Public Sphere. The conference was organised by The Women's History Network, Midlands Region.