Midwifery Students Learn the Art of Belly Dancing


The students were joined by Tina Hobin, a British authority on the art of belly dancing.

Tina, from Kidderminster, has written several books on the practice, including her latest, "Belly Dance for Health, Happiness and Empowerment".

She was invited to share her knowledge with Midwifery students, by lecturer Rebecca Godwin.

"Belly dancing is fantastic for pregnant women and we are always keen for our Midwifery students to learn about all aspects of helping women to keep well during pregnancy," she said.

"It is really good for helping our students to learn about how the body works and about how strengthening your core muscles can aid childbirth."

The students said the session was both fun and informative. "It really helps you to think about your own body and then how to translate that to the women you are helping, and to be able to give them further help and support," said first year student, Jessica Davies.