Footballers Score £500 Scholarships


Leanne Robinson and Jessica Bate both play for West Bromwich Albion's Ladies. As amateurs they receive no funding to follow their sporting passion, so they applied to the University of Worcester's Scholarship Panel for assistance in meeting the cost of subscriptions and travel expenses.

Leanne, from Sutton Coldfield, and Jessica, from Stourbridge, said they were delighted to each receive £500 from the University.

"This will be a massive help to us in pursuing our love of football and playing for West Brom," said 18-year-old Leanne, who is in the first year of a PE and Sports Coaching Science degree at the University.

"I am now in my ninth season playing for West Brom and still loving it. It's a great club to play for and we've been doing really well of late."

Jessica, a first year Sport and Exercise Science student, has been playing for the club for four seasons.

"I've always been really sporty," said the 18-year-old. "To get the chance to play for West Brom was fantastic and I'm really enjoying it."

"This scholarship is a real welcome boost," she added. "We don't get paid to play, in fact we have to pay our own subs, so any extra funding is a fantastic help."

The University awards scholarships of up to £1,000 towards voluntary work or activities, to pursue a particular interest, ie music or arts, or towards course-related activities.