Designers Behind Japanese Paralympic Legacy Facility Visit University of Worcester


Pacific Consultants from Japan were at the University to share their ideas and learn from those within the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science.

Representatives from the company, which has been tasked with designing a national inclusive sports facility, spent a day looking around the University of Worcester Arena, the first sporting facility in the UK purpose built with the wheelchair athlete in mind.

They also met with key strategic and operational staff and were keen to understand the Arena's design and how it is used.

The delegates were given a tour by the Head of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science, Mick Donovan, and Arena Manager, April White, who explained the Arena's engagement with the local community, which gives them use of the facilities, and the partnerships with local, national and international teams and organisations.

The University of Worcester has been helping with plans for a legacy after the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and this visit follows others made by University of Worcester representatives to Tokyo and meetings with the Japanese Paralympic Committee back in Worcester.

Yuuji Shimizu, Project Leader for Tokyo-based Pacific Consultants, said: "We had heard a great deal about the University of Worcester Sports Arena and had been told that it represented one of the most inclusive sports facilities in the world.

"We were not disappointed and learnt a great deal from the experts at the University.

"We also have some very exciting ideas to develop world leading inclusive sports facilities in Japan and we enjoyed sharing our ideas during the visit to Worcester."

Mr Donovan said: "We were delighted to host the creative delegation from Japan and had a really interesting day. We continue to share good practice in our approach to inclusive sport throughout the world and it is always rewarding to be acknowledged as a world leader in this field."