Nursing Student Completes Research Internship

Hugo Goodbody - Nursing research internship
Hugo Goodbody (right) presented with his research internship certificate by Dr Theresa Mitchell (left), Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Worcester

Hugo Goodbody combined his degree in Adult Nursing with extra research looking at the psychology of nursing.

Over the last two years he has been learning about research processes and approaches under the guidance of a mentor.

The research internship scheme is aimed at providing opportunities to students who demonstrate an interest in research and helping to build a research profile for their future careers.

In addition to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) requirements of their course, interns complete approximately 300 hours of work associated with their personal nursing research interests.

Hugo, 28, of Bromyard, said: “I primarily focused my research into the psychology of nursing and the difficulty in maintaining a positive attitude and outlook with patients. I queried whether or not it was actually possible to remain positive and maintain unconditional positive regard when the workload and stress reached a certain threshold.” He looked into the importance of safe staffing levels and also whether it was possible to train away these negative ideas or whether it is an innate human response to stress.

He said he had found the experience positive and not overbearing. “I saw the internship as an opportunity to read and expand my knowledge of academic research in a really positive and supportive environment,” he added. “Many avenues of research as an undergraduate need to be contained as essays and dissertation require very specific goals, the internship simply pushes you to read and expand your mind in whatever field you wish.

“The research internship in year two of my nursing course improved my time management hugely. This invariably has helped when year three rolled around and the need to be time aware and set goals for work becomes more important.”

Hugo will graduate in March and is now working as a registered nurse at a local hospice.

“I am absolutely chuffed with how the course has gone and really want to now find my feet as a registered nurse,” he said. “My interest is primarily end of life and palliative care so this is the role I have gone into.”

Dr Theresa Mitchell, Associate Professor of Nursing at the University, said: “Through this internship scheme we aim to encourage students to engage with research and enjoy developing their understanding about their particular subject areas. Our interns work hard to balance their responsibilities to the NMC course and the internship scheme. Interns have reported that their new knowledge about research has helped them consider the ethical aspects of research, better understand research processes, and supports the development of their dissertation. It has been impressive to see Hugo’s development over the past two years, learning about methods, methodologies and novel ways of researching, in addition to gaining insight into how research teams work. His commitment and motivation have been exceptional.”