University Launches Manifesto with Key Pledges to Students and their Welfare

St John's Campus

The University and the Students’ Union have worked hand in hand to create a manifesto which makes key pledges in all areas of students’ lives and learning before, during, and after their time studying at the University of Worcester, including;

  • Support for students before they reach university.
  • An induction into university life for each year of study.
  • Support for mental health and wellbeing.
  • A clear outline of the teaching students will receive and the necessary tools to access it.
  • Activities inside and outside the curriculum which build skills, networks and communities.
  • The development of alumni networks.

Student Futures Manifesto is a project launched by the educational charity, the UPP Foundation, which called for joint action between universities and students to help students following the Covid-19 pandemic.

University of Worcester - St John's Campus

The UPP Foundation reports that almost three quarters of students said the pandemic had a negative impact on their mental health, and more than half of students said it had impacted the knowledge they needed to succeed on their course.

Al Linforth is the President of Worcester Students’ Union, who studied during the pandemic.

“I lived it [the pandemic], so when I came into office and the opportunity to work on this manifesto was presented to me, it was something I really wanted to take advantage of,” they said.

“We were listened to. It was a lot of work with Tim Jones but he was very keen for students to lead on the project, it made us feel important in its creation.”

“We really want students to take the time to read the manifesto and to take in all the things we are committing to so that we can give them the best possible experience at Worcester.”

Students on campus 2

Dr Tim Jones, Pro Vice Chancellor (Students) said: “We are delighted to have worked with our Students’ Union on our manifesto pledges. The manifesto outlines our continuing commitment to our students and to ensure Worcester is an outstanding place at which to be a student.

“We hope to build on the already strong relationships we have with our students on their entire journey with us here at the University of Worcester, from the first trip to an open day, to their first day in their new job after graduation.”

For more information, and further details on what the pledges laid out here mean for students, head to the Student Futures Manifesto webpage where you can read more on the individual pledges, and what they mean for students.