Students Rewarded for Academic Success

School of Sport and Exercise Science - academic scholarships 2023
Some of the Academic Scholarship recipients

The University awarded a number of Academic Scholarships of £1,000 for outstanding achievement in students’ first or second years, as well as eight individual academic prizes.

Among this year’s recipients were:

  • Third year Biology student, Laura Hughes, who returned to education after a break of nearly 30 years and won an Academic Scholarship. “This recognition has confirmed I made the right decision, despite my initial apprehension and lack of confidence in my ability,” said the 49-year-old. “The award will feature prominently on my CV as I feel proud of my achievements.”

Describing her studies so far as “enjoyable but challenging”, she added: “The lecturers have been the highlight, as without exception they have shown enthusiasm and dedication to my progress.”

Laura is involved with the Canal and River Trust and leads tours at the new Diglis Island and Fish Pass, educating members of the public about the history of the waterways and the plight of migratory fish. This year she will be using this experience to teach children, in preparation for a career as a secondary school teacher, which she hopes to go on to after gaining the necessary postgraduate qualification at Worcester.


The 27-year-old plans to put it towards some coaching education to further his career. Marcus was a personal trainer before deciding he wanted to get into sport further.

“My time at the university so far has been fantastic,” he said. “It has been immersive, and I've enjoyed every single opportunity that has presented itself to me. All the lecturers that I've had over the last three years have been so supportive and haven't really felt like teachers, they have been more of a friend to me in the sense that they care for my development and I've never been under such good guidance through any of my educational journey.”


  • Max Bloomer, an Accounting and Finance third year student, won an Academic Scholarship. “I work hard at my studies to achieve the best results possible and I’m grateful for this extra recognition,” said the 20-year-old. “During my course, all members of staff have been helpful and supportive, I couldn’t ask for more.”

He said he was aware of the University’s growth, adding: “The excellent reputation, results and ongoing success of the Worcester Business School was the primary attraction.”


  • Second year Law student Matthew Payne won the School of Law Prize for Community Engagement – given for engagement with the local community through work experience and voluntary work, as well as academic achievement. Matthew is Co-Chair of The Sustainable Recruitment Alliance, an organisation that aims to improve the sustainability of early talent recruitment, and Member of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust Youth Board.

The 20-year-old wants to be a corporate lawyer and has gained opportunities at leading London law firms. “We have been encouraged to explore our passions and been offered unique opportunities,” said the former Hereford Sixth Form College pupil. “These include guest lectures from UK Supreme Court Judges and insight sessions from national and international law firms. The School of Law has allowed me to flourish academically while keeping an eye on my next steps after University.”

University of Worcester Pro Vice Chancellor (Students), Dr Tim Jones, said: “We are very proud of all our students who earned an Academic Scholarship or prize this year. These students achieved highly in their studies and their dedication and commitment shines through. We hope this award will inspire them to pursue further academic success.

“The scholarships and prizes are supported by generous philanthropists, including the University’s distinguished Honorary Fellows, local employers, and many successful graduates of the University, and we are very grateful to all our benefactors, whose generosity makes such a difference to our students.”