Japanese Professor’s Year in Worcester Learning about British Law

Professor Ning Han visit web

Professor Ning Han is the second member of staff from Toin University in Yokohama to take part in an exchange programme between the two universities.

She spent a year with the University of Worcester’s School of Law learning about the legal system in the UK.

“It has been a very helpful and very precious opportunity and experience for me,” she said. “I wanted to come to Worcester because it has a very deep relationship with our university, and I heard from my colleague that the people here were very friendly and very kind.”

Professor Han said she found it interesting to learn about the different legal system in the UK compared to Japan and was looking forward to sharing her new knowledge with her own students in Japan.

“I have a much deeper understanding now about the culture of the UK and about the way its legal system works,” she said. “It is very different to Japan but I think there is a lot we can learn from each other.”

Professor Han said she had also enjoyed exploring the City of Worcester as well as visiting other towns and cities across Great Britain, including Liverpool, London, Edinburgh and Bath during her year-long stay.

“After coming to Worcester, my biggest gain is the deeper understanding of diversity,” she said. “The race, culture, and traditions there are different from here. I found that although Eastern and Western cultures are different, both cultures have unique beauty.”

The University of Worcester and Toin University have enjoyed a partnership for a number of years which has allowed staff and student exchanges between to the two.

Professor Han said: “In March this year, Toin students came to the University of Worcester to participate in the student exchange programme. They were very pleased and satisfied with the courses and activities provided by the University of Worcester. I hope that in the future, teachers and students from the University of Worcester can visit or study at Toin University of Yokohama. We welcome the teachers and students from Worcester anytime.”

She added: “I am thankful to the University of Worcester for giving me this kind opportunity to study and I wish the University well for the future. I hope that the friendship and international exchange between our two universities will continue and that I will have the opportunity to visit again one day.”