Assistant Chief Constable Launches University’s Policing Degree

Professional Policing degree launch, students and relevant staff members stood at the front of a Law court
Students on the Professional Policing degree, with staff from West Mercia Police, including Assistant Chief Constable, Richard Cooper (second from left), and University teaching staff on the course

Assistant Chief Constable for West Mercia Police, Richard Cooper, visited the University to welcome its first Professional Policing cohort. Several members of the police service attended to mark the occasion and speak to the students about a career in policing.

Assistant Chief Constable Cooper said: "On behalf of West Mercia Police I was delighted to open the course. Policing needs brilliant and compassionate people from all backgrounds. The job is hard, but it remains a privilege to serve, and the students I met today renewed my enthusiasm for the future. I wish them every success."

He and other visitors from West Mercia Police spoke to students about the job of policing, what qualities are required and the wide variety of roles available to them in the force depending on their interests.

Nathan Pawley, Citizens in Policing Coordinator for Operational Volunteers in West Mercia Police, was also present to speak about the volunteering aspects of policing and the opportunities for volunteering with West Mercia Police that would be particularly relevant to the students while on their course.

Professional Policing degree launch 2

Professional Policing degree student, Shannon Burchill, 18, said: “I think the visit was immensely inspiring and helpful to understand what policing is like today and how myself and others on the policing degree will have an impact on future policing. I chose the policing degree to pursue my dream of being a police officer within my community and investigate crime as a detective, but recognise it opens doors to other career possibilities too within the wider criminal justice system. I believe our course lead, Michelle, has designed the course to equip us with the knowledge and skills to be the best future police recruits we can be.”

Michelle Clarke, Senior Lecturer in Policing and Course Lead, said: “It was fantastic for our students just starting out on their policing journey to get such encouragement and motivation from such a senior figure from West Mercia Police. This was a chance for our inaugural policing cohort to hear from those at the heart of policing about the challenges policing faces today and what it is like on the ground. I have no doubt it inspired them to achieve their full capabilities and clearly showed them the exciting career opportunities that could await them with West Mercia Police, or other police forces, at the end of their three years”.