Business Leader Joins University of Worcester as Independent Governor

Asif Noorani - web
Asif Noorani

Asif co-founded Epiphany Productions to foster creativity and collaboration across the domains of art, science, engineering, and design.  As a seasoned business leader and board level advisor, his portfolio career across Europe and far east Asia, has cultivated inter disciplinary specialisms in behaviour change, imaginative problem solving and compelling storytelling.

He said he was delighted to become a Governor at the University at such a challenging time for the sector.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the world, including higher education and good governance is at the heart of the higher education sector,” he said. “The University’s size, location (enviably both city and country), breadth of existing and planned areas of specialism and recognised leading commitment to student involvement and sustainability presents an ideal environment for inclusion and possibility.  The University’s heritage in contributing to the skills and knowledge we need to manage turbulence, indicates guiding principles and values close to my own.”

As a Digital Democracy Champion for the Speaker's Digital Democracy Commission and author of two Digital Transformation Guides (produced with Wincanton PLC), Asif regularly speaks about the art of the possible and the mindset needed to embrace this. Asif is also an ambassador for the pioneering charities UK Youth and Action through Enterprise (sub-Saharan Africa).

“For the profound challenges facing higher education, creativity is going to be fundamental,” he said. “The University’s maxim, ‘Inspired for Life’, could not be more vital and I look forward to contributing not only to the rigour and diligence necessary of an independent board member, but also providing an alternative perspective and creative thought, adding to the Board’s thinking and supporting effective decision-making.”

He added: “The world of work and the skills it needs are changing, along with the relationship with higher education.  It’s a truism that many of the jobs we are preparing young people for today probably won’t exist in five years.  We need to create an opportunity for students to be guides of their own education, through our institutions over the course of a lifetime, not just for a set period.”

Asif is one of a number of new independent Governors appointed at the University of Worcester recently.

John Bateman, Chair of Governors, said: “At Worcester, we have been delighted to have received a very large number of applications from individuals, representing a wide cross section of society. This is particularly positive at a time when many organisations and institutions are finding it difficult to recruit volunteers to governance positions. As a result, we have been able to appoint a number of new Governors who will bring both a wealth of relevant experience and passion for education to the Board.”