Tim Bird

"I am both carrying on my studies and working in an area which is directly relevant. Upon completion of my BSc (Hons) Clinical Psychology degree at the University of Worcester I found myself successfully receiving several job opportunities which would not have been available to me prior to the completion of my degree.

"My primary interest is mental health and encouraging positive change in individuals, and this interest has been honed and developed into a practical skill-set based upon the knowledge and experiences gained during my time at Worcester.

"My degree has provided me with the foundation needed to be eligible to apply for the job roles I want, and the 'University journey' (still applicable even as a mature student!) has provided me with the resilience, confidence and self-belief needed in order to succeed. This and extra curricular involvement within the School of Psychology, particularly Peer Mentoring, helped me to be invited to three interviews, all of which were successful. I was therefore able to choose the role I wanted that would best suit my aspirations and life commitments.

"I was offered a role as an Educational Mentor for a local specialised school, a role in providing Tenancy Support for social housing residents, and a Support Worker position for a homeless charity. I opted for the Support Worker position and, after initially working in a zero-hours capacity, received very positive feedback and was very quickly offered a fixed hours contract, one that accommodates my postgraduate study at Worcester.

"I am now in a position where I can further my knowledge by studying MSc Counselling, which has the direct implications of me being able to apply this to my new job. I feel so very grateful towards the School of Psychology and the University of Worcester generally for everything they have offered me - the experience has been completely transformative."

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