Matipa Katsukunya


BSc Psychology Graduate

Matipa Katsukunya


"I graduated with a First Class Degree in Psychology from University of Worcester in 2015 after applying to the university through their clearing process three years earlier. I hadn’t put Worcester down in my original choice of universities to complete my undergrad initially, but I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason. Fortunately, the clearing team accepted me when I rang them on A-Level results day and from there my life took a trajectory in the best possible direction. Worcester was the foundation that led me to the path I am on now!

"After graduating from Worcester, I worked in the NHS to gain clinical experience in order to purse my goal of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. I wanted to become a Clinical Psychologist because I have always been fascinated with the way that people think, interpret, feel and behave in certain situations. I have also always been intrigued with the relationship between the brain and human behaviour, specifically neuropsychology (i.e. brain injury).

"I worked in orthopaedic rehab firstly with older adults, helping them regain and maintain their independence working under the supervision of a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist, a complete new set of knowledge and skills I had to learn. From there, I went on to work in a community stroke rehab team doing a similar role but with the added work of speech and language input and psychology. It was this role and the skills I learnt at Worcester that led me to obtain my first Assistant Psychologist job in a brain injury unit, which taught me many skills that I still use today. I left that post in 2019 and returned to the NHS to spend a year working in a Care Home Liaison Team, working specifically with care homes that were experiencing difficulties with people with dementia that displayed behaviours of concern.

"In June 2020, I accepted a place on the Clinical Psychology Doctorate programme, which will be an extra three years of training but will give me title of a Clinical Psychologist. It all starts with deciding to go to University of Worcester. When I started, The Hive library had just been built and had all these excellent resources that helped me navigate my way around the course and help with my assignments. The course team were excellent and I certainly would not be where I am today without their unwavering support. I never felt alone at Worcester and the team helped me achieve my ambition, in particular I recall one tutor telling me to aim higher than an upper second class and go for a first class which I will never forget!! Not only is the psychology course and team fantastic, but the city of Worcester is stunning! The course changed my life for the better and has helped me achieve things I certainly did not think would be possible after my A-Level results day." 

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