Abbi Sheen


Clinical Psychology BSc (Hons) Graduate

Abbi Sheen

“I felt absolutely over the moon to have achieved a First Class Honours. I was super excited to share the news with my family, and just felt so happy and relieved that my hard work had paid off!” said Abbi.

Abbi secured a job shortly after completing her degree as a Trainee Education Mental Health Practitioner with the NHS.  “I knew that I wanted to put theory into practice, and now work full-time, doing what I love, in a job where I can keep learning. This for me, is a dream job and definitely one of my aspirations. Thinking to the future, I would love to help supervise new trainee Education Mental Health Practitioners, as it is currently a new, trailblazer project in Worcestershire. I would also like to continue raising awareness of mental health.” 

In her final year, many of Abbi's lectures were online due to the pandemic, "I only had positive experiences of studying online," She said, "It opened my eyes as to how useful it can be and how creative you can be when delivering content! With a set routine in place, and lots of walks built in, I found studying online a good experience. The support in place was great, my lecturers were live but also recorded, in case anybody was ill, and my lecturers were all on hand to answer any questions or queries, via email, or video call, if we preferred.” 

Alongside her studies, Abbi, who had been working part-time with children and young people with Special Educational Needs, continued this role supporting them through the pandemic.  She said: “I recognise giving 24/7 care to your child, for a prolonged period of time is stressful, especially when there is so much uncertainty and the children’s routines have been completely changed!  I have also set up an Instagram page where I promote positive mental health through quotes and awareness.”