Tolu Adelaja

Tolu Adelaja

Tolu speaks about achieving First Class Honours in her university degree alongside nursing people during the pandemic. 

Tolu Adelaja, who worked on placement for three months as part of her Nursing degree, was among those to have completed their studies at the University of Worcester this year. 

“I feel very glad,” said the 22-year-old of her achievement.  “It was something I wished for but never thought I could achieve. However, I decided that I would work really hard to give myself the best possible chance of achieving my dreams. I am so happy and grateful that I didn’t let myself or my family down.”  

Now working as a nurse, Tolu plans to progress with her career and continue to build her skills.  “A career in nursing opens up several doors and so I can’t wait to see what the future holds,” she said. 

Tolu said she chose the University of Worcester because she wanted a change of environment and to be out of her comfort zone.  “I liked the quiet family-oriented vibe Worcester offered which was something I was looking for,” she added.  “Being in Worcester helped me hone-in on my independence and learn how to make friends from different backgrounds in a new unfamiliar but exciting environment.” 

The former Northampton School for Girls pupil said the online sessions provided during the pandemic enabled her to still get help with her academic work.  She said: “Because of the pandemic I also could not see my family for several months as I did not want to risk myself or my family's health seeing as I was to be on placement for three months once my academic work was submitted,” she said. “The University did offer campus accommodation for those that had to extend their stay because of placement, which was very helpful.  I felt really supported throughout the pandemic period because my supervisor stayed in touch and always checked up on me.  This meant that what was a really difficult period did not feel overwhelming.” 

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