Lois Connelly

Lois Connelly

Lois Connelly achieved a First-Class Honours in Occupational Therapy.

“I am so pleased that I was able to achieve my First-Class Honours,” said Lois, “I received a 2:1 in my previous degree and it was always a goal of mine to get higher this time around!  These last three years have been a struggle personally and professionally, so achieving such a great grade really has made everything worth it.” 

For Lois, the pandemic started near the end of her course, so she only had a few virtual lectures.  However, the students still completed their practice placement and Lois worked in a community urgent response team.  She said although the pandemic did affect her learning on the placement, the placement team were incredibly supportive. 

Lois states that it was “great knowing that we have still been able to achieve what we have, during a global pandemic!”.  The former Gordano School pupil is now a community occupational therapist supporting individuals with acute physical health conditions to be independent and stay in their own homes instead of being admitted to hospital.  

Lois’ long-term aspirations are to become a senior occupational therapist and eventually to become a part-time university lecturer.