Katie Fox

Katie Fox said her degree in Social Work at the University of Worcester had helped her to develop steadfast values in inclusion and equality.

Katie Fox

She is now excited to enter the profession and begin her journey to helping others.

“Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be a social worker,” she said. “The idea of supporting someone through hardships and giving them the resources to improve their life has always been my passion.”

Katie joined the University of Worcester after completing a BTEC in Health and Social Care and said she was drawn by the placements available.

“My second 70-day placement opened my eyes to the joy of social care which is so often missed or overlooked and supported me to become steadfast in the type of social worker I wanted to be, and that society needs and deserves,” she said. “I got to work with a diverse group of people, from young children to older adults, and support them through the current hardship in their life. This placement was incredibly hands-on and allowed me to witness first-hand the good change that can happen when an individual is listened to, and their needs understood and met through different creative vices.

“That placement is one that I always will and do think of so fondly as it helped me regain my confidence and joy within a highly criticised career which can and must bring about so much good.”

Katie added: “Furthermore, my practice educator was unbelievably patient and knowledgeable. They supported me to gain back the confidence I had lost and made every day fun. I will forever be grateful to them as I do not think I would be graduating or going to work in the field without them.”

Katie said her time at university had helped to develop her values and to advocate for others. “The importance of human contact and a whole understanding of a person has really shone through for me throughout,” she said. “The lecturers are fantastic and give you the space to grow, which is so important within the current society.”

Katie said she was now excited to begin her dream career. “I am about to enter a highly stressful and criticised job, but I could not be more excited to get started,” she said.

“Whilst on my last placement I attended some external training which ignited a passion I did not know I had, children in care. Because of this, I am completing my ASYE (Assessed and Supported Year in Employment) in Children in Care 14-18, an area of social work that I am yet to dip my toes in which I am so excited to do so. My end goal is to support adopters through the adoption process which can be a long and emotionally challenging time but so rewarding for both the adopter and the child/children being adopted.”


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