Christa Liz Roberts

Christa Liz Roberts

Christa Liz Roberts was amongst those to have completed their studies at the University of Worcester in this most turbulent of years. She achieved her First Class Honours in Drama and Performance. 

“Achieving a First Class Honours almost makes up for the quarantined end to my university experience - I am not shy to say I worked extremely hard for my result and it feels fantastic to know all the stress paid off."

“I was classed as a ‘high risk person’ at the beginning of the pandemic and I had to self-isolate quite quickly. The staff on my course were very supportive with this, and a lot of helpful actions were put in place to ensure I could gain all the credits I needed.” 

“Of course, this wasn’t the ending that I wanted but thankfully - with a lot of help from Zoom - I was able to continue my studies from home and enjoy ‘socials’ online,”. 

Christa is now training for her dream job as a primary school teacher.  “Hopefully, amongst the uncertainty of this pandemic, I will be qualified as a teacher by Summer 2021 and ready for my long-awaited graduation with the class of 2020 from Worcester,”.