Thomas Morton

Psychology MSc graduate
Thomas Morton

"When I decided to change careers I was a newspaper journalist approaching 40 in a declining industry, with what looked like few prospects in my existing job.

"My first degree was in psychology and I'd always felt I could have pursued that more than I did, so I chose to take the Psychology MSc at Worcester as way to re-engage with the subject and up-skill, to hopefully find a psychology-related job. I hadn't considered doing research as a vocation, but once on the course I found a real affinity for it.

"The course covered a wide range of topics in psychology so that I had a good taste of the variety of avenues I could go down and what I was most interested in. It also gave me the opportunity to do a little bit of summer work as a research assistant for the Mood Disorders Unit at the University. That experience was a game changer, as it made up my mind that research was what I wanted to do.

"I am now working for the Association for Dementia Studies, also at the University, as a research associate, looking into groups and activities to support people with dementia in the community. I have a job that I love that aims to make a positive difference to people's lives, I'm still learning all the time and will hopefully be embarking on a PhD in the near future - and it was my University of Worcester course that set me on that new path."

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