Gardens assessment tool

There are a wide variety of gardens and outdoor spaces across health and care settings, providing safe, accessible spaces for patients, residents and visitors to meet and spend time. The underlying principles of designing gardens for people living with dementia are common across all settings, and the tool should also be of use more widely when designing for people with cognitive impairments or neurodiversity.

How to use the gardens assessment tool

The tool can be used by a single individual but involving others who have a different perspective, for example people with dementia or a family member, estates staff, dementia specialists or care support staff, can offer valuable opportunities for gaining different views on the care environment and how to improve it. Completing the tool together can also encourage constructive conversations about the philosophy and purpose of care.

The assessment tool contains seven sections and a set of questions to prompt discussions and should be completed in full. Walk around the garden or outdoor space and consider each of the questions in turn. Give each question a score out of five, where 5 indicates that it is met completely and 1 indicates it is barely met.

A summary sheet has been provided at the end of the assessment tool which should help pinpoint the areas that might be considered for initial improvement.

To download a copy please click here or you can now access the assessment tool as an App via this page.