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Person-Centred Dementia Care: 2nd Edition

Making Services Better with the VIPS Framework

Dawn Brooker and Isabelle Latham

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The VIPS framework has also been used as the underlying concept for the free Care Fit for VIPS online toolkit which aims to help improve the quality of dementia care. You can access the toolkit here.


Stand by Me       

Handbook and DVD (now upgraded to a free e-learning course - see link above)

Stand by Me was originally created as a DVD training resource to help healthcare staff communicate better with people living with dementia.

View a sample of the Stand By Me handbook.

How can I get a copy?

You can purchase Stand By Me online using the secure link



Nursing and Health Survival Guide: Dementia Care

Ideal for quick reference, this pocket-sized guide puts all the crucial information on caring for patients with dementia at your fingertips.

Written by our own Professor Dawn Brooker and Sue Lillyman, the guide tells you all you need to know about:

  • Person-centred dementia care
  • Communication and managing behaviour
  • Pain assessment
  • Nutrition and medication
  • Advanced care plans
  • And much more

Price: £6 (free postage up to 50 copies) or £5.50 for all orders over 50 (plus postage)

You can purchase this guide online using the secure link.



Hello, I'm me; Hello, I'm still me; Hello and Goodbye Brian

Pack of 3 books by June and Brian Hennell

 June and Brian Hennell, Dementia

Price: £4:00 for pack of 3 (free postage up to 50 copies) or £5.09 for all orders over 50 (plus postage of £2.50 for 50, £5:00 for 100, £10.00 for 200 and incrementally if more copies are ordered).

You can purchase this guide online using the secure link.


Making your home dementia friendly

This booklet is designed for people with dementia who are living at home, and can be downloaded free from the Alzheimer's Society website here.