Dr Pippa Galpin


Senior Lecturer and Course Leader, MA Creative Media

Art & Design Communication

Contact Details

email: p.galpin@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 85 5321

Pippa Galpin studied for her BA at London University and went on complete her MA in Ceramic Design at Bath Spa University. Pippa's current PhD research focuses on the potential of clay to explore Worcester Cathedral from a haptic perspective. She has recently completed a two-year residency at Worcester Cathedral, which culminated in an exhibition of work presented in the Cathedral. Recent exhibitions include her participation in Open West in Cheltenham and in Fresh 2009, British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke-on-Trent.

Pippa teaches a broad range of modules on Worcesters Art & Design and Fine Art Practice courses and is responsible for specialist modules in object making practices. She is Course Leader for Art & Design and Link Tutor for the Performance (Costume & Make-up) Top-up degree.

Artist Statement

One of the fundamental qualities of clay is its capacity to take an impression. You can still see the footprints on floors of caves in Southern France left by Prehistoric man and finger marks of the makers on early Egyptian pottery. It is this intimacy between the artist and viewer that I find attractive about ceramics.

Using its unique properties, I have been placing the clay between myself and the world around me. The ceramics become an interface, an arena where an activity can take place. Made of actions such as sweeping the floor or greeting a friend, the pieces have a narrative content, a haptic story about how something exists. The emphasis is not on the story telling but on creating a text; a font of haptic forms.


Pippa Galpin is currently studying for a PhD in Ceramics at The University of Bath