Dr Marie Stowell


Director of Quality and Educational Development

University Executive

Contact Details

email: m.stowell@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 855579

Marie Stowell joined the University of Worcester in 2004 as Director of Quality and Educational Development, where she has oversight of the work of the Academic Quality Unit, the Academic Development and Practice Unit and the Centre for Inclusive Learning Support. With responsibility for strategic leadership on academic quality and learning and teaching matters, Marie chairs the Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement Committee within the University.

Previously Marie worked for a number of years in various posts at the University of Northampton, including as Director of the Common Academic Framework and Director of Educational Partnerships and Widening Participation. She has a strong interest in Higher Education Policy, particularly in relation to assessment and equal opportunity matters, and is a member of the Student Assessment and Classification Working Group (SACWG) which engages in institutional research on assessment matters.


BSc (Hons) Sociology, Leicester; PGCE, Leicester; PhD Sociology of Education, Warwick

Teaching Specialism

Sociology/Education Studies


Key Recent Publications/Exhibitions/Performances/Outputs

SACWG (2009) Compilation of a good practice guide on assessment of work-based learning. Foundation Degree Forward

Yorke, M., Woolf, H., Stowell, M., Allen, R., Haines, C., Redding, M., Scurry, D., Taylor-Russell, G., Turnbull, W., & Walker, L. (2008) Enigmatic variations: honours degree assessment regulations in the UK. Higher Education Quarterly 62 (3), pp.157-180.

Stowell, M. (2004) Equity, justice and standards: assessment decision making in higher education. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 29 (4), pp.495-510.

Yorke, M., Barnett, G., Evanson, P., Haines, C., Jenkins, D., Knight, P., Scurry, D., Stowell, M. and Woolf, H. (2004) Some effects of the award algorithm on honours degree classifications in UK higher education Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 29 (4), pp.401-13.

Yorke, M., Barnett, G., Bridges, P., Evanson, P., Haines, C., Jenkins, D., Knight, P., Scurry, D., Stowell, M. and Woolf, H. (2002) Does grading method influence Honours degree classification? Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 27 (3), pp.269-79.

Conference Presentations

(July 2009) Institutional Research Conference, Sheffield Hallam University.Building a Community for Institutional Research

(May 2009) Leadership and Management Conference, University of Worcester. Quality Processes in Higher Education in Pakistan and the UK:  A comparative perspective (presentation with Dr M Bashir)

(June 2008) Presentation at SACWG seminar, Oxford Brookes University. Are we being fair to our postgraduates?

(November 2008) Exploring the Hinterlands: Mapping and agenda for institutional research in the UK, 24/26 June 2008, Southampton Solent University. Self-help and Institutional Research (presentation with H Woolf)

(March 2007) Academic Registrar’s Council, Assessment Practitioner’s Group meeting, York. Acceptable diversity: degree classifications and regulations (presentation with H Woolf)

(December 2006) Open College of the South West Regional Network Annual conference, Taunton. Grading of the Access to HE Diploma

(September 2006) UUK/SCOP Burgess conference on degree classification and student achievement, Cardiff. Classification – purposes and processes

(May 2006) QAA Institutional Liaison conference, Holiday Inn, Regent’s Park, London. Case study on Outcomes from institutional audit – student feedback and representation

(May 2006) QAA Access to HE Conference, Aston University, Birmingham. Differentiation of learner achievement on the Access to HE Diploma