Dr Brian Nyatanga


Senior Lecturer, Applied Professional Studies


Contact Details

email: b.nyatanga@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 85 5381

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Specialist Teaching Areas

Philosophy and practice of palliative care

Quality of life – improving patient experience

Labour of caring and burnout

Psychosocial issues

Assessment strategies including principles of pain and symptom control

Loss, grief and bereavement

Sexuality and intimacy

Cultural competence

Research methods, both quantitative and qualitative topics and run my own module at master’s level

Introduced the philosophy of Phenomenology to undergraduate (level 6) study, and also teach it at Masters level 7

Teaching overseas

Teaching through tutorials from undergraduate to postgraduate studies


Specialist Research Areas

My research interests lie in the areas of palliative care like death anxiety, burnout, survivorship and cultural competence and quality of life. I am planning to develop a national and international research profile in these areas. I am currently undertaking a small scale research project to understand the impact of complimentary therapy on patient well-being. I am currently seeking funding to investigate the psychological impact on those who ‘survive cancer and end up living with or beyond their cancer. One objective is to understand their coping strategies used and what else could be helpful. My strategy is to ensure that any research I undertake can demonstrate clinical relevance and impact on palliative care patients and their carers

Research Interests

Death anxiety and burnout among palliative care nurses      

Impact of complementary therapies on patient well-being

Survivorship and Breast Cancer Patients


Professional Interests

Palliative End of Life Care, death anxiety, psychology of death and dying, research methods

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

Consultant Editor International Journal of Palliative Nursing

Member of the Royal College of Nursing

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of the National Council for Palliative Care

Registrant with the Nursing and Midwifery Council

Member of the Research Knowledge and Transfer Committee at the University of Worcester

Member of the Education Management Committee – Worcestershire

Chair of the Annual Worcestershire Palliative Care Conference (2009 - 2013)

Editorial board member for the International Journal of Palliative Nursing since 1999

Editorial board member for the British Journal of Community Nursing

Write monthly column on palliative care in the British Journal of Community Nursing

Member of The Palliative Care Research Society  

Other memberships

Chair of Trustees, Zimbabwe Brain Tumour Association

Trustee board member – Nurses Reaching Out – NGO

Trustee Primrose Hospice Bromsgrove

Professional Expertise

Accredited advanced communication skills facilitator using trained professional actors and actresses

Supervisor for Masters’ students dissertations

Trained Supervisor and examiner - PhD degree students

Accredited facilitator for the Leadership Qualities Framework (2005 - 2010)

Editor, Quay Books Palliative Care series

Developed the Palliative Care Book Series with Quay books publishing. Then for 8years (2001-2009), I commissioned and edited palliative care books in this series.

Publish books, book chapters, editorials, commentaries and articles in nursing press



Selected publications – last decade

Invited presentations and activities

7/12/16 Invited to Chair a conference on “Fulfilling our ambitions for End of Life Care” organised by Public Policy Exchange Symposium, The Strand Palace Hotel, London.

21/10/16 Key Note Address: Barriers to quality palliative care; impact of death anxiety on the workforce. Forrest Holme Hospice, Poole

12/08/2015 Visiting lecture: Investigating Death Anxiety and Burnout among Palliative Care Nurses. Edith Cowan University Research Interest Group, Perth, Western Australia 

12/08/2015 Visiting lecture: Better palliative care through compassion: A UK professional conversation. Omega Research Group, Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia 

4/08/2015 Visiting lecture: Investigating Death Anxiety and Burnout among Palliative Care Nurses. University of Melbourne, Centre for Palliative Care, St Vincent Hospital. Victoria, Australia 

18/06/2015 Keynote Address: Delivering better options in palliative care. 5th 
Annual conference for Palliative care: Considering all the options. Independent Association for Nurses in Palliative Care. Manchester UK

23/09/2014 Pioneering palliative care Research: Driving Development in End of Life Care, Education and the Workforce. Royal Society of Medicine, Inside Government Forum. Wimpole, Central London 

16/05/2014 Improving patient experience through the Centre for Palliative Care. College of Post Graduate Medical Education. Charles Hastings. Worcester Royal Hospital

10/2013 Innovations in Palliative Care (opening address), and then chaired the conference. Forest Hills Hotel, Frodsham, Cheshire, UK

01/2013 The development of Burnout. Clinical health care specialists at Heart of England Foundation Trust and Good Hope Hospital 

12/2012 The development of Burnout. Presentation to Marie Curie Hospice multi-disciplinary staff. Solihull, Birmingham 

11/2012 Addressing under-utilisation of palliative care services by Black and Minority Ethnic Communities. Palliative care conference, Science Park, Wolverhampton 

09 to10/2012 Presented 4 dissemination seminars on my Doctoral thesis across the West Midlands. 

09/2012 Chaired concurrent research papers presentation. European Doctoral Conference of Nursing Science. Graz, Austria

06/2012 Cultural Competence in End of life care. Oral presentation to Hospice Managers Forum West Midlands. Birmingham, UK 

05/2012 Development of Burnout. Seminar presentation to Clinical Health Care Specialists in West Midlands 

11/2007 Key Note Address “The Changing Face of Palliative Care Education” and then Chaired the Conference “Blurred Horizons” Beeston, Cheshire UK 

05/2007 Presenter: Death anxiety and Burnout in palliative care nurses. Birmingham City University Faculty Research Conference 
12/2006 3 day presentations Leadership qualities framework


Nicol, J., Nyatanga, B. (2017 target) Palliative and End of Life Care in Nursing. 2nd Edition, Sage, London

Nicol, J., Nyatanga, B. (2014 in Print) Palliative and End of Life Care for Nursing students. Sage, London

Nyatanga B. (2008) Why is it so difficult to die? 2nd edition, Quay Books. London.

Searle, L. & Work Based learning in Cancer and Palliative care. Nyatanga, B. (2006) Quay Books. Wiltshire

Nyatanga, B. & Astley-Pepper, M. (2005) The Hidden Aspects in Palliative Care. Quay Books, London.

Nyatanga, B (2001) Why is it so difficult to die? Quay Books, Wiltshire.

Chapters in books

McLaughlin, D., Nyatanga, B. (target 2017 in progress) Palliative care for homeless populations. Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell.

Nyatanga, B (in print) At a glance, homelessness and palliative care. Wiley (2015)

Nyatanga, B. (2013) Burning a light or Burning out? In (ed) Gilbert, P. Spirituality and end of life care. Hove, Pavilion Publishers 

Nyatanga, L., Nyatanga, B. (2011) On Death and Dying, in Birchenall, P., Adams, N. (Eds) The Nursing Companion. Chapter 11. Palgrave 

Nyatanga, B. (2005) Adapting to Death and Bereavement. In Faull C. Carter Y. & Daniels, L. (eds) Handbook of Palliative Care. 2nd edition. Blackwell Science. Oxford

Faull, C. Nyatanga B. (2005) Terminal Care & Dying. In Faull C. Carter Y. & Daniels, L. (2005)(eds) Handbook of Palliative Care. 2nd edition. Blackwell Science Oxford.

Woof, R., Nyatanga, B. (1998) Adapting to Death, Dying and Bereavement. In (Eds) Faull, Carter and Woof. Handbook of Palliative Care. Blackwell Science, Oxford

Monthly Palliative Care Column

I write my own monthly column on Palliative Care in the British journal of Community Nursing since 2011

Editorials and articles 

Nyatanga, B. (2017) Death cafes another way to unlock the fear of death.Editorial, IJPN 23(3):
Nyatanga, B. (2016) Challenging a myth. Editorial, IJPN 22(7):

Biagioli, V., Prandi, C., Giuliani, L., Nyatanga, B.,Frida, R. (2016) Prosocial behaviour in palliative nurses: psychometric evaluation of the prosociality scale. IJPN 22(6): 292-298 
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Nyatanga, B. (2008) Cultural competence; A noble idea in a changing world; Editorial. IJPN 14(7)
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Congress Presentations


20/04/2016 Oral - Understanding and preventing burnout. Delivered via Skype to Current Issues in Palliative Care conference, London. Mark Allen Group


09/2014 Oral paper at the 20th International Congress of Palliative Care. Montreal, Canada. Sept 2014

Nyatanga, B. (2011) Relationship between caring, death anxiety and burnout among palliative care nurses. 12th EAPC Congress. Lisbon

External Responsibilities

I have acted as an external examiner to other universities and I am currently working with Kings College London (2015-2019) examining their level 6 and 7 study in oncology and Palliative Care programmes.

I have acted as an external examiner to other universities and I have worked with Dundee University examining their BN Palliative Care and MSc Palliative Care programmes. (2011 - 2014)

I am a reviewer with different journals on request and regularly with the International Journal of Palliative Nursing. I review selected palliative care books and publish my reviews in nursing journals.

I am asked to review conference abstract submissions by different organisers. Latest was judging entries for The International Journal of Palliative Nursing annual awards September 2015.

Panel member to re-validation of palliative care courses at degree and masters level with Gloucestershire University, Ulster University, University of Wolverhampton and Chester University.

I am asked to chair conferences on palliative care, and the latest being Innovations in Palliative Care in October 2013.