University Professor's Advice on How to Be Happier and More Productive in the Workplace


Professor Jo Smith says the stresses of financial or performance pressures at work mean many people can lose sight of the initial values that motivated them in their chosen profession.

She says that by using simple techniques, workers can help to deal with pressures more effectively and consequently feel more fulfilled in their jobs.

"There's lots of focus currently on the importance of personal wellbeing as key to improving work productivity and the economy," said Prof Smith, Professor of Early Intervention and Psychosis at the University of Worcester, and a Chartered Clinical Psychologist.

"If people are looking after themselves and feel satisfied, then they're more likely to be productive."

Prof Smith will be sharing advice with the public at a lecture next week.

Entitled "Becoming a Mindful and Effective Employee", the free talk at The Hive in Worcester, will take place on Wednesday, September 28, from 6pm to 7pm, and will offer useful tips and techniques to being more mindful and holding true to core personal work values.

"What I will be showing people is how using mindfulness and acting in ways which are consistent with their core personal values motivates them to be more effective at work," she said.

"There will be ideas and useful tips for how we can keep ourselves on track and focused in spite of potential interference from our own internal thoughts and feelings as well as external stressors and pressures."

The talk is aimed at individuals, but Prof Smith said it would also be useful to employers who are looking to improve the wellbeing and effectiveness of their workforce.

"It's a chance for people to reflect, reassess and start to think about taking action to improve their wellbeing and satisfaction at work," she said.

"Where this work has been tried it's had a positive impact on staff wellbeing and work efficacy."