Shakespeare's 400-year Legacy Celebrated at The Hive


400 years after his death there appears to be no limit to his continuing global influence. To celebrate the way new life is breathed into his plays and poems, The Hive is scheduling a series of 400th anniversary events with appeal for all ages and levels of interest.

Events start tomorrow (Wednesday, April 13) when Andrew Dickson, author of The Rough Guide to Shakespeare and Worlds Elsewhere: Journeys Around Shakespeare's Globe, will talk about Shakespeare production across the world. The event is free and starts at 6pm.

Then on Friday, April 22, from 10am - 3pm, there will be a Shakespeare Day for GCSE and sixth form students. The event will be delivered by University of Worcester staff, with talks and practical workshops about Shakespeare in performance on stage and screen. Tickets for this event are £3 each.

The following day, Saturday, April 23, there will be a whole day of encountering Shakespeare throughout The Hive. Visitors can meet their favourite characters in unexpected places and book a one-to-one with a human sonnet, plus there will be a chance to see Shakespeare's marriage bond, which is held at The Hive.

There will also be Shakespeare-themed food in the café and music. Visitors will also be invited to Tweet the plot of a Shakespeare play, post a selfie with your favourite line from Shakespeare, or even act it out. The Long Live Shakespeare event runs from 10am to 4pm and is free to all.

On Sunday, April 24 there will be a screening of Macbeth (cert 15) at 4pm. Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard take over the lead roles and provide a mesmerising performance of consuming ambition and harsh tyranny amongst a tragic and grief stricken existence. Tickets for this event cost £3.50.