Tom Ravenhall

Tom Ravenhall

"When I first started my Forensic Psychology course, it was little more than a field I had an interest in and wanted to find out more about. I didn't plan on it being the basis of my career and I fully expected to get a job that was totally different to my degree when I left.

"However, once the Forensic Psychology modules began in my first year, I found that my curiosity around the subject began to grow. The quality of the lectures and the use of real-life examples where theories had been put into practice really intrigued me and I steadily became more and more passionate about the subject. Particularly in my final year, where there is a greater focus on your chosen pathway, I genuinely started to consider a career as a Detective and, although it sounds great on the surface, I really wanted to make sure it was the right choice for me personally. 

"Having lecturers who are extremely passionate, informative and have genuine experience of working within policing convinced me that this was the path I wanted to take and that working in solving and preventing crime was something that I was truly passionate about.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my course and I am extremely grateful that it gave me such a solid platform to go and secure a dream job role in an exciting and varied field where I can have a genuine impact on people's lives."

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