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Elective modules

Be challenged, be inspired, be creative, be innovative, be employable, be outstanding...

If you are a current University of Worcester Single Honours student, you have the opportunity to choose to take an Elective module as part of your programme in your first year and/or second year.

Taking an Elective provides added value to your degree, makes your degree distinctive, and can make you more employable.

Elective modules are innovative and inter-disciplinary, providing the opportunity to work with students and staff from different specialisms in acquiring an understanding of key issues that affect our contemporary world.

How do you go about selecting them?

You can sign up for an Elective module when you make your module selections via your student SOLE page. Your module selection page will list the choice of Elective modules in the module choice selection block along with the choices of optional modules from your subject area.

For more information about modern foreign language modules, please visit the Language Centre Module Options page.



As a Single Honours student, you will have the opportunity to choose to take an Elective in your first year and/or your second year. Electives can count for 15 credits of your programme in each of the first two years.





• Opportunities to study a contemporary issue

• Complementing your main area of study with a modern foreign language

• Working with students from different courses, and staff from different disciplines