Car Parking

Car Parking

Staff Car Parking Permits and Car Park Charges 2017-18

Staff Car Parking Permits

  • £165 for staff earning over £35,000 (gross salary) 
  • £150 for staff earning between £20,000 and £35,000 (gross salary) 
  • £88 for staff earning up to £20,000 (gross salary) 
  • £35 Off peak permit. This parking permit will cover parking on campus before 9am and after 4:30pm Monday to Friday, anytime at weekends, bank holidays, and at anytime in the months of July and August. This permit is also available to students and members of the public (e.g. Sports Centre users).
  • £88 Severn campus permit. This permit will allow parking at Severn campus at all times Monday to Friday, and other University campuses outside 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, and anytime at weekends, bank holidays and during the months July and August 2017. This permit is also available to students and members of the public (e.g. Sports Centre users).

A staff car parking permit permits parking in all designated parking areas when they are open (including Riverside) except Car Park A and disabled spaces. 

Registered disabled staff users will continue to be able to obtain a free car parking permit which will permit car parking in all designated disabled spaces and other University spaces when no appropriate disabled space is available. 

Staff car parking permits, other than those relating to off peak parking, are not issued on an annual basis although charges will continue to be reviewed annually. Charges will normally be deducted monthly from salary over the 12 month period. The permit application form has been amended to authorise deductions on a continuous basis whilst you remain in employment at the University. You are free to cancel this arrangement if you no longer wish to use the car parking facilities. In this event, or should you leave the University, your permit should be returned to the Finance Office.

Please note that during the period of any maternity/adoption or shared parental leave any monthly parking payments deducted from your salary will continue, unless you elect to withdraw by sending an email or letter to Payroll. Employees need to return their car parking permits to Finance in order for deductions to cease. 

Permits for off peak parking will continue to be issued on an annual basis. Payment may be made by a one-off deduction from salary or twelve monthly payments.

Pay and display charges

Short Stay - Car Park A/Car Park N        
0800-1800 - 70p for 30 mins       
1800-0800 - £1.00
Per 24 hrs - £2.00 - Weekends

Standard - Riverside & all St John's car parks except Short Stay & Long Stay
0800-1800 - 50p per 30 mins
0800-1800 - £1.00 per hour
1800-0800 - £1.00 - St John's
1800-2400 - £1.00 - Riverside
Per 24 hrs - £2.00 - Weekends St John's
0800-0000 - £3.50 - Weekends Riverside

Long Stay - Car Park M
0800-1800 - £2.40 - Up to 4 hrs 
0800-1800 - £3.50 - All day  
1800-0800 - £1.00
Per 24 hrs - £4.00
Per 24 hrs - £2.00 - Weekends
Per 4 hrs - £1.00 - Weekends

Conference Rate
Per 24 hrs - £6.00 - Long Stay
0800-1800 - £4.00 - Long Stay
Per 24 hrs - £3.00 - Long Stay Weekends
0800-1800 - £10.00 - Named Bay
0800-1800 - £6.00 - Severn Campus
1800-0000 - £3.00 - Severn Campus

Students and staff are strongly encouraged to find other ways of travelling to and from campus than by car and/or to car share.

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