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PhD Students

Pete Ayling
How social workers use empathy in their work with children and exploring the impact of emotions on practice decisions.

Paul Browning
Does a novel assessment and development of a wound dressing used under Negative Pressure improve the treatment of leg ulcers when compared to existing devices in respect to rate of healing and development of granulation tissue?

Frances Chilton
Exploring newly diagnosed early inflammatory / rheumatoid arthritis patient experiences of shared decision making from initial symptom onset through to their first treatment year.

Jimmy Couzens
The psychological experiences of Voodoo and Obeah as used for changing sexual orientation in St. Lucia, West Indies.

Virginia Campbell
A grounded theory in the effect of yoga in pregnancy on women’s self-efficacy for labour and birth.

Hilary Causer
Postvention needs in UK Higher Education Institutions following a student suicide.

Joy Gauci
Theraputic approaches with young people experiencing trauma due to displacement.

Karen Gray
The methodological challenges involved in evaluating arts-based activities for people with dementia.

Michal Herz
A qualitative exploration of incorporating a live-in care-worker into the home of a couple where one spouse has dementia.

Jo Johnson
Perinatal Mental Health.

Isabelle Latham
Learning to care: an ethnographic study of how care workers in residential settings learn to care for people living with dementia.

Rose Lea
The role of emotional intelligence in attentional processing of emotion in adolescents.

Gemma McCullough
Sedentary behavior and physical activity in bipolar disorder.

Theresa Pengelly
How nursing students construct their professional identity during their training and how that is developed post qualification.

Amy Perry
Identifying Risk Factors for Severe Postpartum Mood Episodes in Bipolar Disorder: A Prospective Study.

Darryl Phillipowsky
Perceived contribution of social workers within an integrated setting.

Jane Richardson
The impact of a group intervention to improve nutritional intake and physical activity for women recovering from breast cancer.

Caroline Roseman
Longitudinal use of personalized playlists for people with dementia.

Chris Russell
Dementia, Sport and Identity.

Prakash Subedi
Quality improvement of emergency medicine and emergency care.

Ruby Swift
The potential for personalised music playlists in dementia care to assist in quality of life and communication.

Kate Thackeray
What is the experience of professional academic women in relation to their private and professional relationships?

Amy Veale
How do arts activities successfully engage individuals with dementia in a care home setting.

Chantal Vinyard
Student suicide prevention and response strategies in UK Universities.     

Gill Wall
Leaders’ Ethical Decision-Making: The Importance of Followers and Context.

Wendy Ann Webb
Palliative / End of Life Care and Homelessness.