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University Diploma in Leadership and Management (UDLM)

This part time programme is designed to help you develop leadership and management competences in order for you to be more effective in your organizational roles. It enables you to obtain a university professional qualification, evidence your continuing professional development (CPD), and have the opportunity to progress in the future (with appropriate experience) to a postgraduate award such as an MBA. As such it is an excellent foundation for your future career enhancement. It can be completed over a period of 30 weeks, through flexible blended delivery combining interactive face-to-face workshops with on-line support.

This course can be taken as a bespoke programme for corporate clients. For further details please contact Sally Docherty on 01905 855279 or email The UDLM is also available as an open programme for individual fee-paying managers or those individuals who are to be sponsored by their organisations. 

The Programme is designed to enable you to develop practical management skills against the National Occupational Standards in Leadership and Management. The programme aims to provide you with the theories, tools and techniques to manage people and activities effectively in a variety of organisational settings, and to help you to make the most efficient use of financial resources and information. It is designed to improve your ability to influence others in order to achieve results. It focuses on applied learning, encouraging you to relate new knowledge and skills to real workplace situations. It therefore addresses the needs of practicing or aspiring middle managers who require formal development of management skills.  

In particular, the purpose of the programme is to help provide you with:

  • A stimulating academic environment which is based upon the values of academic openness and critical appraisal
  • The basis for further professional development, and to encourage you to take responsibility for your own CPD and for those whom you are responsible
  • The opportunity to apply appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills to become more effective in your leadership and management roles
  • The opportunity to learn and apply leadership and management techniques beyond the completion of the course
  • The opportunity to explore your potential, and increase your awareness and self confidence
  • Progression opportunities to other programmes such as the PG Diploma in Management Studies/ MBA or those of professional associations such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • The opportunity to enhance your career opportunities

The University Diploma in Leadership and Management is recognized by the CMI as a progression route beyond their Level 5 Management and Leadership award/Certificate.


Entry requirements

Entry to the Programme shall require all applicants to complete an application form which gives a variety of information about the student’s work experience, qualifications and motivation. These will be checked by the Programme Manager who must be satisfied that the applicants are at the appropriate stage in their management development to benefit from the Programme, and capable of undertaking a programme of academic work and offer evidence of academic ability and motivation.  

All students should be in employment on enrolment to the course.

For enquiries about the cost of the course please call Sally Docherty on 01905 855279 or email

Study options

The programme is delivered using a combination of group work, simulation, case studies, high impact presentations and supported by online resources. Each module is assessed using a variety of written and oral tasks.

The open UDLM programme 2017 will be delivered to the following timetable:

Open UDLM 2017 Timetable

Get in touch

Scott Andrews (Open)
Admissions Tutor
01905 54 3336

Stewart Speake (Closed)
Business Development Manager
01905 855220

Dr Rebecca Jones 
Course Leader
01905 857533

Sally Docherty
Course Administrator
01905 855279


This award enables you to supplement your working experience to date with a formal university qualification. It enables you to demonstrate to your employer your willingness and capability to take part in a programme of continuous professional development (CPD), which will stand you in good stead when making applications for promotion, salary increments or more advanced roles.

It also provides the foundation for future progression to a post-graduate qualification, such as an MBA, which will be particularly valuable as your experience develops and you aspire to more senior management roles.

Course content


Module Information

BUSM2900 – Managing & leading Teams & Individuals (mandatory module for open & closed routes)
The aim of this module is to develop the awareness and skills necessary for the effective leadership and management of individuals and teams. It examines motivation in the workplace and the role of both managers and leaders in enhancing motivation, particularly in relationship to the change agendas. It addresses the need for managers to attain, reflect on and evaluate key knowledge and skills in processes that ensure effective performance of diverse individuals and teams.

BUSM2908 – Professional Managerial Development (mandatory for open route & optional for closed routes)
Self-awareness and personal development are key elements of effective leadership and management, as organisational and functional skills are rarely sufficient. This module provides the opportunity for personal development - growth and change by individuals - through self-awareness and reflection in order to improve overall leadership and managerial performance.

BUSM2910 – Introduction to Management Coaching & Mentoring (mandatory for open route & optional for closed route)
Coaching and mentoring are key elements of managerial responsibility that ensure the development and enrichment of staff to benefit the organisation.  The aim of the module is to enable an understanding of coaching and mentoring concepts, theory and techniques and relate coaching and mentoring practice in a clear and realistic way to improving organisational performance.

BUSM2902 – Effective Decision Making (optional for closed routes)
In the dynamic business environment that many managers operate, there is a temptation to quickly address problems and make decisions based on personal instinct or intuition.  This module will help managers to step back from decision making, to systematically define and analyse problems (or opportunities), and establish a range of business choices.   It will also provide guidance on how to establish and apply criteria, to justify the final decision and evaluate its impact.

BUSM2903 – Developing Customer Care (optional for closed routes)
Successful businesses place the customer and the customer experience at the centre of their strategy and operational practice. This module explores the role of marketing communications in the delivery of excellent customer service, with an emphasis on commitment and motivation at a business’s ‘touch points’. Students will gain an understanding of what comprises outstanding service.

BUSM2904 – Managing Financial Resources (optional for closed routes)
The purpose of this module is to develop the financial understanding of managers to enable them to understand the financial implications of their day to day decisions to enable them to improve both their own effectiveness and the organisations performance.

BUSM2905 – Managing Organizational Innovation (optional for closed routes)
This module analyses the different ways of managing innovation, developing a creative organisational climate and how organisations can be transformed or revitalised. It looks at organisational structures and systems that are designed to help manage innovation including intrapreneurship, climate and culture change.

BUSM2906 – Managing Change Through Projects (optional for closed routes)
Drawing upon the disciplines of the management of change, financial appraisal and project management, this module provides the student with an understanding of the function, practice and development of various aspects of modern strategic project management.   These techniques will be applied to business scenarios, involving the critical evaluation and interpretation of data regarding the organisational position.

BUSM2907 – Effective Selling (optional for closed routes)
This module is designed for students who have some exposure to B2B sales and are now seeking a more advanced in-depth knowledge of selling and its role in business marketing strategy. This module explores the sales process, develops existing skills, examining more advanced techniques involved in more complex selling situations, including the development of a relationship selling approach.

BUSM2909 – Managing Workplace Communication (optional for closed routes)
This module examines the key role of the manager in ensuring effective interpersonal communications that produce cost effective quality outcomes. It will help students to develop their ability to facilitate creative collaboration, facilitate the process of sharing ideas, information, and messages with others, resolve conflicts, and negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes.

BUSM2901 – Negotiated Learning Module (optional for closed routes)
Students may wish to pursue their academic studies along a management and leadership topic beyond that catered for by the provision of a taught module. This may allow the student to pursue an area of study that particularly interests them, or it may permit concentration on a specific area to allow pursuance of their studies within a particular topic. Students must identify and area of study, negotiate their own learning outcomes with their specialist tutors, develop their own independent learning and write a report reflecting the results of their independent theoretical study.


Student views

Academic department

"Best training I've ever had!"

Delegate, Malvern Instruments Team Leaders Course, May 2012.


"Really helped me to identify my skills and the areas I need to develop"

UDLM delegate, Hitachi, September 2012.

“This diploma has allowed us to share experiences with our colleagues from across the organization. By supporting each other throughout this experience, we have formed strong bonds with colleagues that we would never have met.”

UDLM Delegate, Hitachi, 2015

“Mike (our tutor) was very engaging and his knowledge of the topics was so broad that he could find any number of examples to reinforce the theory that he’s teaching. He made learning each subject fun and he offered us a great deal of support throughout the course.”

UDLM Delegate, Hitachi, 2015

“The detailed assignment feedback that our tutor provided was really constructive and strong recommendations on how to improve your grade for the future were provided.”

UDLM Delegate, Hitachi, 2015

“One thing that we ALL agree on is that despite the commitment involved – we would HIGHLY recommend the diploma to anyone who seeks personal development and wants to improve their leadership style.”

UDLM Delegate, Hitachi, 2015