The University of Worcester has a range of opportunities for staff members to travel abroad to another University or organisation as part of their role.

One of the opportunities available is for a mobility supported by ERASMUS+ Key Action 1 103 funding. Please download this factsheet to find out more. We are proud of our connections with Universities and organisations abroad. A list of our international partners can be viewed on our international partners list. If you require further details, please email

My name is Clare Perkins and I am the former Exchange and Study Abroad Coordinator at the University of Worcester. In this role my job involved managing a source of ERASMUS funding called Key Action 1 103, which is used to support outgoing staff and students to complete study, teaching and training.

In June 2016, I travelled to Karlstad University in Sweden to complete a week of staff training. I received financial support for my travel and subsistence costs from the ERASMUS Key Action 103 project. Being relatively new to the role, this staff training was invaluable. I was able to shadow members of the Karlstad International Office (it was so much better to see exactly how particular tasks are completed, rather than just hear about them) and share good practice particularly about how to promote ERASMUS funding and the available opportunities.

I was also very interested in sessions about Swedish culture and the experience that our students might expect to receive if they studied there for a semester/year. Feeling inspired, I took photographs that I thought would be particularly relevant to students – the Karlstad system for reserving a washing machine, the microwaves for heating up home cooked lunches, the list of modules taught in English and of course the beautiful Swedish scenery. This mobility had some really positive outcomes.

We are sending our first student to Karlstad this year for a number of years, from the UW History and Politics course. My mobility was also followed up by another visit by Dr Nicoleta Cinpoes and we are now working with Karlstad to make it possible for staff and students from different subject areas to be exchanged. Finally, during my trip I learnt a lot about the Swedish approach to life and work and I’ll leave you with a phrase that continues to inspire me: “Lagom” which roughly translates to “not too much, not too little”.