MPhil and PhD


Our MPhil and PhD programmes aim to equip students with the skills to design, research and write an MPhil or PhD to the standard expected by the University of Worcester.


We offer MPhil and PhD programmes across a broad range of subjects.



All MPhil and PhD students will be allocated a supervisory team. Between them, the members of the team will have both subject expertise and experience of supervision. These are the people who will oversee the research and support the student’s development as a researcher. At least one of the team will be a member of staff at Worcester, i.e. an ‘internal supervisor’.

The internal supervisor(s) will provide the bulk of the supervision and for this reason are expected to have some prior experience of supervising MPhil or PhD students. It is common, however, for one or occasionally more, of the supervisory team to be external to the University.

It may be that this ‘external supervisor’ is attached to another University or perhaps to an organisation or business involved in research and development or is a highly-respected retired academic.  In every case, the external supervisor will bring an expertise and experience to the team that is appropriate for the project.

Researcher Development Programme

Our Researcher Development Programme  gives students access to an extensive programme of modules, courses and workshops, offered both face-to-face and online, that will develop their skills and capabilities as a researcher and equip them with a set of transferable skills that will enhance their employability. While some key elements of the programme are compulsory, students work with their supervisors to develop an overall programme of development specific and relevant to their individual needs.

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