As an undergraduate, you can select Italian Stage 1 as one of your 'free' modules in your first and second year.
the interior of an Italian restaurant, a sign displaying a menu for different food items is in front of several tables covered in yellow, white and red table cloths.

The module counts for 15 credit points towards your degree.

Employers attach great value to foreign language skills, not only because they help break down communication barriers, but also because they show you are interested in broadening your horizons.

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Joining LANG1310

How to enrol

If you're an undergraduate student at Worcester, log in to the Student Portal, select SOLE and Course Information. From here, navigate to Module Information and Module Directory. If you click on Module Directory, you should see the following options:

  • Module directory: type LANG into the Module Code box for an overview of all Language Centre modules
  • Select modules: provided you haven't already chosen the maximum number of modules you can take and that you are eligible to take a 15-credit module at level 4, the LANG modules should be displayed as options. The code for Italian Stage 1 is LANG1310.
  • Module change request: if you have already selected the maximum number of modules, but you'd like to swap one of your selections for LANG1310, follow the instructions given here.

Entry requirements

Prior language skills

This module is suitable for complete beginners and assumes that you have never studied Italian before. If you have done some Italian, please check with the module leader whether the module is right for you.

Module content


Italian Stage 1

You will develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in Italian, with the focus on oral communication. The development of communicative language skills is set in the context of situations and tasks facing a visitor to the country. The module also gives an interesting insight into Italian culture.

The module is taught in a lively, communicative way and you will be expected to participate in pair and group work activities. You will also work independently outside the taught sessions and extend your language learning skills through the development of a portfolio of coursework.

Module leader

About the lecturer

Italian Stage 1 is taught by Joanna King. You can contact her on