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S Mark Gubb

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

Institute of the Arts

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Mark works across a range of media including sculpture, video, sound, installation and performance. Works exist in a wide range of sites and contexts; that space often being a starting point for an idea's development or a contextually relevant backdrop. He is equally interested in how work functions in an arts institution as in a site-specific work; a particular interest being how work can retain its criticality and credibility when positioned outside of an institutional framework, where it is often requested to have a broader relevance to a wider audience. Subjects for work are drawn from the social and political culture he has grown up in; an equal fascination with things he finds so great and so terrible about the world. This often takes the form of a re- evaluation and re-interpretation of contemporary culture and history, provoking us to consider our contribution to the world. Work often incorporates some form of collaboration, whether in its production or engaging a particular community, subculture or professional during the research phase. His primary interest is in how a work communicates as an object in the space that surrounds it; its potential and ability to carry an idea in itself and how this can be enhanced by the context in which it is situated.

He is in the early stages of a PhD, where the primary focus is around ideas of exchange; strategies and methodologies used within the content and structure of a work to heighten this exchange as a reflective, critical and dynamic experience of the work, stepping beyond what might be considered a typical exchange between a viewer and artwork in a traditional context.

His work has been widely commissioned and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions for organisations including Artangel, Turner Contemporary (Margate), Dublin Contemporary, Aspex Gallery (Portsmouth), Postmasters Gallery (NYC), Matthew Bown Gallery (Berlin), Mostyn (Llandudno), Castlefield Gallery (Manchester), ICA (London) and PS1 MoMA (NYC).

Residencies/fellowships include URRA International Residency, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2011), Standpoint Futures, Standpoint Gallery, London (2010), Cove Park, Scotland (2008), Arts Council of England’s International Fellowship at Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland (2005) and The Wheatley Fellowship at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (2005).

Permanent public works include commissions for Grizedale Arts, Nottingham Contemporary, Aspex Gallery (Portsmouth) and The Welsh Assembly Government.


M.A. Fine Art, B.I.A.D., University of Central England
B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, University of Derby

Awards (selected)

Mar 2016  Arts Council Wales: Large Project Grant
Feb 2016  Wales Arts International: International Opportunities Travel Grant
Jul 2013  Arts Council Wales: Large Project Grant
Mar 2012  Arts Council Wales: Creative Wales Award
July 2010  Arts Council Wales: Production grant
Feb 2008  Arts Council England Award: Grant to produce new work for The City Gallery show
Nov 2006  Arts Council England Award: Grant to realise Among the Living touring project
Mar 2006  Visiting Arts, Artist to Artist Scheme    
Nov 2002  Grizedale Arts: Research and development grant


Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research


Sep 2015-Present  University of Worcester, Senior Lecturer (Fine Art)
Feb 2005-2015   Nottingham Trent University, Lecturer (Fine Art)
May 2001-2004   University of Derby, Lecturer (Fine Art)
Jan 2001-Jul 2004   South-East Derbyshire College, Lecturer, Art and Design




Solo Exhibitions/Projects (selected)

Oct 2016  Revelations: The Poison of Free Thought Part II, g39, Cardiff
Oct 2016  Revelations, SYSON Gallery, Nottingham
May 2016  God So Loves Decay, Luton, Commissioned by Sunridge Avenue Projects   
Jun 2014  Pura Vida, Galleri Skilti/Gallery Sign, Reykjavik, Iceland
Jun 2014  Metal Militia, Berwick Gymnasium Gallery
Mar 2014  History is Written by the Winners, Exeter Phoenix Gallery
Aug 2012  Third from the Sun, Ceri Hand Gallery, London
Nov 2011  Class of 1986, Temple Gallery, Philadelphia
Nov 2011  Good Sailing, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool
Oct 2010  How Should I Live? (Maybe That’s Not the Question), Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
Sep 2010  Union, Usher Gallery, Lincoln (Commissioned by The Lincoln Art Programme)
Feb 2010  Bad Translation: History of a Time to Come, CRATE, Margate
Aug 2009  Pura Vida, Commissioned by Hinterland, Nottingham
Jan 2009  My Empire of Dirt, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool
Sep 2008  Out of Bounds: The 5 Codes Tours, Cornerhouse, Manchester
Mar 2008  Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, The City Gallery, Leicester    
Dec 2007  Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
Aug 2007  The Death of Peter Fechter, ICA, London
July 2007  Among the Living, ICA, Milton Keynes Art Gallery, City Gallery (Leicester), Chapter    (Cardiff), Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art: Curator of, live, touring project    
June 2006  Come With Me, Don’t Ask Me Where ‘Cos I Don’t Know, VIVID, Birmingham
Dec 2005  Black as midnight on late evening moonless, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland
Dec 2005  The Battle of Forest Hills, MOOT Gallery, Nottingham
Sep 2005  Welcome to Hell, UCE, Birmingham: Wheatley Fellowship show

Group Exhibitions/Projects (selected)

Oct 2016 Migrant Press (Revisited), Division of Labour, London
Oct 2015  Freedom Lies, The Collection and Usher Gallery, Lincoln
Jan 2015  PIGDOGANDMONKEYFESTOS, Exeter Phoenix Gallery
Jun 2014  Whitstable Biennale
Jul 2013  Like A Monkey With A Miniature Cymbal, Aid and Abet, Cambridge   
Mar 2013  No One Lives Here, RCA MA Curating Contemporary Art Exhibition
Jun 2012  Soundworks, ICA, London
May 2012  The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp, g39, Cardiff
Nov 2011  I Could Be So Good For You, Transition Gallery, London
Sep 2011  Nothing in the World But Youth, Turner Contemporary, Margate
Sep 2011  Dublin Contemporary, Dublin
Apr 2011  URRA Exhibition, Del Infinito Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Feb 2011  Pile, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
Dec 2010  Eat Me! Postmasters Gallery, New York
Nov 2010  Dirty Künst, Seventeen Gallery, London
Sep 2010  Zündkerze, Matthew Bown Gallery, Berlin
June 2010  They Do Things Differently There, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
June 2010  Late at Tate – Grizedale Arts, London
May 2010  We Have The Mirrors, We Have The Plans, Mostyn, Llandudno, Wales
Mar 2010  A Stranger’s Window, Contemporary Art Society/Moot at Nottingham Castle
Jun 2009  Last Days of Magic, ScalaMata Gallery, Venice
Oct 2008  Zoo Art Fair (with Moot Gallery), London
Sep 2008  Becks Fusions, Manchester       
Aug 2008  Golden Record, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
Mar 2008  ARTfutures, Bloomberg SPACE, London
Jan 2007  Terra Incognita, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham
July 2006  Things We Lost in the Fire, Transition Gallery, London
Mar 2006  His Life is Full of Miracles, Site Gallery, Sheffield
Sep 2005  A Stranger Walks in to Town, City Gallery, Leicester
Oct 2004  Romantic Detachment, PS1 (MoMA), NYC
Feb 2004  Haunted Media, Site Gallery, Sheffield
May-Oct 03  Roadshow, Grizedale Arts



About Mark (selected)

Revelations – Syson Gallery 2016, ISBN 9780992803131
Zündkerze (Exhibition Catalogue) - Matthew Bown Gallery 2010
We Have The Mirrors, We Have the Plans (Exhibition Catalogue) – Oriel Mostyn 2010        
S Mark Gubb – Ceri Hand Gallery 2009, ISBN 9780956130006
Grizedale Arts- Adding Complexity to Confusion, Grizedale Books 2009, ISBN 9780954257798
How Soon is Now – 60 Years of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, ICA 2008, ISBN 9781900300544
Parade – Angel Row Gallery 2007, ISBN 0905634853
Haunted Media – Site Gallery 2004

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As a Writer (selected)

Jun 2017  Skulptur Projekte Münster – Review for a-n 
Oct 2013  Ian Watson – Interpretive text for Chapter (Cardiff) exhibition
Jun 2013  Review of the Iraq Pavillion at the Venice Biennale for a-n
Jun 2013  The Encyclopaedic Palace – Review of Venice Biennale for a-n
May 2012  Interview with Chris Brown, a-n magazine
Oct 2009  For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn – Review for a-n
Nov 2008  Drugs n God, Garageland
Oct 2008  Public Art Commissioning Practices piece, a-n magazine
Apr 2007  Editorial copy for a-n Signpost graduates publication, a-n Magazine
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Aug 2006  Nature Notes, Garageland Issue 3
Aug 2006  Jamie Shovlin: Aggregate, review, a-n Magazine
Jun 2006  Climate Change feature, a-n Magazine
Oct 2005  Have NAN Will Travel feature, a-n Magazine
Aug 2004  The Burgundy Leisure Awards review, a-n Magazine   
Jul 2004  Cutting It feature, a-n Magazine
Apr 2004  Stephen Monger: Switches and Other Works review, a-n magazine
Feb 2004  Seaside Special feature, a-n Magazine
Nov 2003  Drawing with Light review, a-n Magazine
Mar 2003  Interviews with artists for a-n Signpost graduates publication, a-n Magazine
Apr 2002  Minus 20 review, a-n Magazine      
Apr 2001  Warped: Painting and the Feminine review, a-n Magazine
Feb 2001  Curried Trout review, a-n Magazine

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

Public Commissions

2017  Series of permanent works for Berkeley Homes,‘Vista’ development on the Nine Elms, Battersea, London. Commissioned by UP Projects     
2013  Permanent public sculpture commission for the Welsh Assembly Government at Cardiff Airport
2012  Permanent public sculpture commission for Bristol City Council
2011  Semi-permenent public commission for Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth
2009  Permanent public sculpture commission for Nottingham Contemporary
2003  Permanent collection of Grizedale Arts Sculpture Park, Grizedale Forest, Cumbria


May 2011  URRA International Artists Residency, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Feb 2010  Standpoint Futures Residency, Standpoint Gallery, London
Jul 2009  Scottish Sculpture Workshop Residency, Lumsden, Scotland
Aug 2008  Cove Park: Production Residency, Argyll and Bute, Scotland
Oct 2005  Arts Council England Moving Image Fellowship, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland
Sep 2004  Wheatley Bequest Fellowship, UCE, Birmingham
Mar 2004  A Real Rock Archive, The Public, West Bromwich: Residency/project