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Richard Stephenson

Having studied for a business degree (Advertising, Marketing and PR) at Worcester, Richard Stephenson is a filmmaker who explored themes of surrealism during his course. He says of his experience: “I studied for my first degree at Worcester and found the staff to be very knowledgeable in their subject area. It was a very inspirational environment and all the students worked closely together to help each other’s work. I always received help and guidance when I needed it from the module tutors and never felt I couldn’t ask for extra help out of work hours.

“The course learns and allows you to explore fully your practice and develop ideas outside your own conventions. It encourages you to be creative and thus improves your self-confidence and ability. It allows an environment to explain your creative process and showcase your work. Helpful guidance from other students and the tutors helped me to increase my skill and ability to a higher level.

“There is access to fantastic up to date professional equipment where the technicians are always happy to answer any questions you may have in using the equipment or help out with creative guidance. Everyone enjoys helping each other out to reach their full potential.

“The course increased confidence in my practice and my approach to film making, to explore more creative approaches and stay away from confined conventions. I am now making more films than ever, collaborating with many artists and receiving very positive feedback from festivals and audiences.”

Richard received an Honourable Mention in the Aarhus Film Festival, has collaborated with the artist Dan Whitehouse and is now an Assistant Lecturer, working with the Media Lab at the University, which has given him a lot of contacts and freelance work. He hopes to further develop his filmmaking ability and utilise this in creating a career in the industry and establishing his own company. 

Sample work

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