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Physical Geography

There is particular expertise in river science as well as a range of other research interests. Much of the research makes use of our advanced Global Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems equipment.

Hydroecology and ecohydraulics: defining and classifying hydraulic habitat

The influence of riverbed morphology and river flow regulation on habitat availability

Aquatic habitat modelling

Landscape ecology and the application of spatial metrics to the in-stream environment

River regulation and environmental flow management

GIS and spatial analysis

Influence of freeze-thaw activity on the strength and durability characteristics of low-strength mudrocks

Site investigation in periglacially modified ground

Geological conservation and community engagement

Quaternary environments and mountain geomorphology.

Younger Dryas mountain glaciers in upland Britain

Remote Sensing and image analysis techniques

Detecting and mapping submerged aquatic vegetation and algae in river systems

Measurements of soil erosion and deposition and the development of sediment budgets

Statistical validity of geomorphological river typologies in describing channel morphological variability

The importance of morphological and hydraulic variability on macro-invertebrate distributions

Recent Publications