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Teacher training courses

Whether you already have a degree or not, we offer a teacher training route to suite you.

Before deciding which course is right for you it's important to think about whether you want to teach in primary or secondary schools, and whether there are particular subjects or specialisms you are interested in.

Whichever age group and training route you choose, all our courses result in the award of qualified teacher status.

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If you don't have a degree, you can gain a degree and qualified teacher status (QTS) together on our three year undergraduate course, combining academic study with learning practical classroom skills. This degree will qualify you to become a Primary School Teacher, specialising in early or later years.

You can also study on a range of other Education-related courses, for your first degree, and then complete a one year PGCE Primary to qualify as a teacher.

If you would like to become a Secondary Teacher, you will need to complete a degree in a relevant subject first. For example, if you are considering becoming a History Teacher, you would first study a degree in History. Once you have completed your degree, you can then apply to study a one year PGCE Secondary course to qualify as a teacher.


If you already have a degree, you can complete a one-year PGCE course, which will lead to qualified teacher status. You can study a for a PGCE Primary or Secondary.

  • PGCE - Primary (QTS)

    This PGCE in primary education is the perfect platform for you to inspire a love of learning in others that will last a lifetime.

  • PGCE Primary - with Physical Education Specialism

    At Worcester, we offer a unique opportunity for you to train as a PGCE Primary Physical Education Specialist teacher.

  • PGCE - Primary Mathematics

    The Postgraduate Certificate in Education – Primary with Mathematics is not only an internationally respected route into a career in teaching, but also the start of a journey like no other.

  • PGCE - Secondary - Science: Biology

    We place an emphasis on experiential learning, where trainees undertake a wide range of activities then get the opportunity to plan how to deliver this in the classroom

  • PGCE - Secondary - Science: Chemistry

    The PGCE Chemistry course is enhanced by continued support from the scientific professional bodies; Royal Society of Chemistry

  • PGCE - Secondary - Computer Science / ICT

    On this Computer Science PGCE you will further develop your personal technical skills and understanding so that you are able to share the key concepts of the subject with your pupils so that they are able to 'think like a computer scientist'.

  • PGCE - Secondary - Design and Technology (Food)

    We have been training teachers in this field since we were first established and the PGCE has continually developed to be at the forefront of current thinking.

  • PGCE - Secondary - English

    On this English PGCE we offer unique opportunities to develop your own philosophy for learning and teaching in English

  • PGCE - Secondary - Business with Economics

    Find out about our Secondary PGCE courses in Business with Economics, and Business

  • PGCE - Secondary - Geography

    On this PGCE you'll explore and develop the key issues in Geography including globalisation, global interdependence and how physical and human processes interact to influence and change landscapes.

  • PGCE - Secondary - History

    The history element of the PGCE course seeks to enthuse prospective history teachers with a passion for planning and designing learning activities, resources and strategies that will engage the 21st century teenager.

  • PGCE - Secondary - Mathematics

    With this PGCE we aim to train maths teachers who are skilled, reflective and critically evaluative.

  • PGCE - Secondary - Modern languages

    Benefit from the high quality support from experienced university tutors and school mentors throughout the PGCE, including with job applications and interviews.

  • PGCE - Secondary - Physical Education

    This well-established and well-regarded Physical Education PGCE is underpinned by tutor experience, a research-informed approach and strong school partnerships.

  • PGCE - Secondary - Science: Physics

    This PGCE offers unique opportunities to learn how to teach Physics in a newly refreshed course.

  • PGCE - Secondary - Psychology

    This Psychology PGCE allows you to push the boundaries of your own understanding and actively explore dynamic learning experiences to bring Psychology to life.

  • PGCE - Secondary - Religious Education

    This is the ideal time to take a PGCE and become a confident, effective and reflective RE teacher because of religion’s influence on individuals, culture and society.

Post Compulsory Education

Sasha shares her experiences of a PGCE at Worcester

Taster evenings

Our PGCE taster evenings give you the opportunity to explore our facilities, take part in teaching taster activities, and find out about student life. The upcoming dates are:

  • 5 February 2019, 5pm-7pm
  • 19 March 2019, 5pm-7pm
  • 7 May 2019, 5pm-7pm

These events are designed for those considering applying for the course, rather than those who have already applied. To request a place email or complete this enquiry form.