Worcester Rewards

Worcester Rewards will be closing on 31st May 2019.

Proceed to Worcester Rewards

If you are a member of Worcester Rewards you are advised to conclude your account activity, for example making cashback purchases and topping up your reloadable cards, by the 31st May 2019.  After 31st May 2019 you will not be able to order or top-up reloadable cards and you will not be able to earn new cashback.

You will be able to continue to access your account on the Worcester Rewards site for 60 days after 31st May 2019 and will be able to withdraw any cashback that is already in your account

If you miss this deadline for any reason you can contact Worcester Rewards via the helpdesk on 0203 780 1891 who will be able to assist with any cashback withdrawals.  If you have any queries about purchases made and/or the opportunity to claim cashback we strongly suggest that you contact the helpdesk to discuss how cashback can be claimed, for example if a holiday has been booked using the cashback option.  The helpdesk will also be able to assist with any queries about your reloadable cards and instant vouchers.

After the 60 day period you will not be able to access Worcester Rewards and your record with them will be deleted.

Local Offers

The Local Offers will continue to be available and will be accessed via the staff homepage as at present, or you can access the page directly here: https://www2.worc.ac.uk/personnel/local-offers.htm The Local Offers are negotiated directly with the local businesses named and we are in the process of renewing these. Please ensure that you check with the local business that the offer is still current before making any purchase. You will not need a password to access the Local Offers but you will need to show your staff card in order to obtain the discount.