Skills for Tomorrow is aimed at 10-14 year olds. The event is looking at establishing a new Herefordshire venue in 2018-2019.  Worcestershire events take place at The Riverside building at the University of Worcester. Highlighted as best practice in a GuildHE report on citizenship.

Skills for Tomorrow Project

Skills for Tomorrow brings together expertise from the University of Worcester and local businesses to provide a highly engaging, interactive opportunity for secondary school pupils to learn about the growing career opportunities in a low carbon, environmentally sustainable economy of the future.  

Pupils are encouraged to explore the challenges and career opportunities associated with issues such as responsible energy usage, ethical food production, sustainable construction processes and environmental stewardship through a combination of;

  • participation in workshops led by expert practitioners and featuring challenges centred on real life examples;
  • engagement with professionals in the exhibition hall, finding out about the sustainable practices which they employ in their business sectors.

‘It is extremely inspiring for our younger students to be around older educated students to think about their futures, to think I could go to university. I can understand what he’s talking about, I might have an opportunity to take my education further’.

Worcester Teacher - Mentor for Eco Schools

 More information can be found on the Susthingsout website, including two short videos.

‘More contact with real employers, enthusiastic and passionate about their own careers, not only inspires pupils but also challenges pre-conceived ideas about jobs. Having the opportunity to talk to people in those jobs and visit workplaces helps to build knowledge and understanding of the full range of careers available in a particular sector. This can help to broaden horizons, challenging stereotypical thinking about the kind of careers to which individuals might aspire.’

Source: Careers guidance and inspiration in schools: Statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff (March 2015)