Professor Richard Lewis

Research Team

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Consultant Physician in respiratory medicine with Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Honorary Senior Research Fellow


MB BS St Thomas's Hospital Medical School University of London 1974 MRCS (England) LRCP (London) 1974 MRCP (UK) 1977 FRCP (London)1992 DM (Soton)1985

Honorary Senior Research Fellow of National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit
Honorary Professor of Respiratory Medicine University of Worcester
Vice President of the Friends of Worcestershire Royal Hospital
Vice Chairman of the Governors of St Richard's Hospice Worcester
Member of the Specialist Advisory Group for the British Thoracic Society on interventional pulmonology, and Chairman of a committee producing 2 national guidelines on bronchoscopy
Chairman of the Guideline Committee for "Advanced Diagnostic and Therapeutic Flexible Bronchoscopy in Adults" for the British Thoracic Society.
Secretary of the Midland Thoracic Society

PhD Supervision
Lead supervisor to Dr Philip Brammer's MD (Univ Birmingham) granted 2008 entitled "Obstructive sleep apnoea, snoring and the use of variable prssure continuous positive airway pressure.

Co-supervisor to Dr Gabriele Price's PhD (Univ Coventry) granted 2007 entitled "Effects of weather, air quality, and geographical location on asthma and COPD exacerbations in the localities of Worcester and Dudley.

Co-supervisor to Dr Bernadette Diethart's PhD (Univ Coventry) granted 2009 entitled "The use of inert hydroxypropylmethylcellulose powder as a remedy for allergic rhinitis.

Plus Co-supervisor to Dr Mel Jones PhD (Univ Coventry) gained 2005 entitled The role of indoor fungi in the association between asthmatic hospitalisation and deprivation in Worcestershire UK.

Co-supervisor to Mark O'Leary's D Eng (Brunel University) on electrostatics and asthma (transferred in yr 3 to PhD 2009).

Mentor to Dr Ingrid du Rand in her Masters in Evidence Based Medicine, Oxford University, and co-author of her work on specialist training in bronchoscopy in the UK and the use of a web based system for guideline production .

Selected Publications

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