Professor Jan Francis-Smythe


Professor of Occupational Psychology

Department of Management and Finance

Contact Details

tel: 01905 85 5242

Jan is an active researcher and consultant and has managed and delivered a wide range of applied projects. Her specialist areas of expertise are in time as it relates to both individuals and organisations and in evidence-based practice. She has supervised 12 PhDs to completion, is currently supervising a further three and four DBAs and has supervised 4 practitioners-in-training to become registered Occupational Psychologists.

PhD Organisational Psychology
Associate Fellow of the BPS

Teaching & Research

Work Psychology
Research Methods

Temporal Intelligence/ time management
Evidence-based practice in occupational psychology
Evidence-based management
Career competencies

Professional Bodies

British Psychological Society


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External Responsibilities

Current PhD Projects


Occupational Psychology and HR
Selection and Assessment
Career Development and appraisal
Employee relations and Motivation
Organisational Development and Change
Counselling and Personal Development


Completed student projects:

  • Men in female dominated occupations – Aspirations and Outcomes
  • False performance as ethical behaviour: its role in performance evaluation and work relationships.
  • Exploration of the influence of psychopathic traits on career interests, vocational behaviour, career choice and development
  • The appropriation of ideas, theories, concepts and models by management practitioners.
  • Membership Retention in the Health and Fitness Industry: A Predictive Model
  • The Conceptualization and Evaluation of a Leader's Temporal Intelligence
  • Applying Career Competencies in Career Management
  • Measuring Career Anchors and Investigating the Role of Career Anchor Congruence.