Professor Howard Cox


Professor of International Business History

Department of Marketing and Enterprise

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tel: 01905 85 5400

Howard's teaching and research interests draw on a long experience in the fields of economics, business strategy and international business.He has published work in the area of business history and contemporary economic analysis. Howard is currently engaged in writing a history of Britain's magazine publishing industry from its earliest days through to the digital revolution.


PhD Economics
MSc Economics
BA (Hons.) Economics

Teaching & Research

International Business History
Business Strategy

International Business History
Business Strategy

Professional Bodies

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
Association of Business Historians
US Business History Conference
European Business History Association


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External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

Professor Cox is a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for International Business Studies (London South Bank University) and the Centre for Print History and Culture (University of Birmingham/Birmingham City University).

External examiner of PhD students at University of Birmingham, Birkbeck College, London South Bank University.

Current PhD Projects


Business History
Economics of the Firm
Corporate Strategy


Current student projects:

An Analysis of the Decline of the Carpet Industry, 1918-1973, with particular reference to firms in the Kidderminster district