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PhD Student

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Frances is a part-time PhD student in the School of Allied Health and Community at the University of Worcester.

Fran’s main research interest is shared decision making within the speciality of rheumatology. More specifically her PhD research is exploring newly diagnosed early inflammatory/ rheumatoid arthritis patient experiences of shared decision making from initial symptom onset through to their first treatment year. The use of a qualitative, interpretive phenomenological approach will enable the development of textual descriptions of the experiences, opinions and perspectives of participants. Analysis will involve the development of themes that will provide a deeper interpretive understanding of shared decision making within an interdisciplinary team.

Her supervisor is:

Professor Eleanor Bradley.

In addition to working towards her PhD Fran works full time as a Lead Rheumatology Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Prior to commencing her PhD Fran was one of the first clinical nurse specialists employed by the West Midlands Clinical Research Network (WMCLRN) in a combined role of research and clinical nurse specialist (2008-2011). She achieved highest recruiter to several research studies and has extensive experience in setting up, recruiting and managing research trials in secondary care.


RGN.(1993) Dip Nursing.(1994) ENB 998 (1994)    
BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care, North East Wales Institute (1996)   
OND Staffordshire University (2001)   
MSc. Health Studies University of Worcester (2005)     
Non medical prescriber (NMP) University of Worcester (2007)


Essential shared care agreements view at

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