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As someone who has always been interested in innovation and change my interest in learning this has been the focus of my research for many years. My previous research is focussed on the impact of virtual worlds on learning and teaching, through a large Leverhulme-funded project. Further, over the last three years I have been developing the method of Qualitative Research Synthesis. I have researched and evaluated staff and student experience of learning for over 20 years and gained funding (Leverhulme Trust, JISC,) to research the effectiveness of learning in new electronic and immersive spaces. I am an experienced evaluator not only of curricula but also of research and research methodologies and an expert in the development of innovative and creative scenarios designed for learning. My research over the last 5 years has focussed on exploring learning in a digital age and examining the impact of diverse forms of digital technology on learning. Such research has been focussed on examining new pedagogical stances and perspectives, and the research has been located in and through a variety of qualitative approaches. I have published over 50 research publications and 15 books, and am currently writing 2 more. In my spare time I run, rock climb, ski and attempt to be a triathlete.


  • 2010 MSc E-Learning, University of Edinburgh
  • 2005 Certificate in Educational Leadership, (Distinction), University of Leicester
  • 1996 PhD, University of London
  • 1989 MA in Further and Higher Education, University of London
  • 1987 Diploma in Teaching and Curriculum Development in Higher Education (Distinction), University of London

Teaching & Research

Teaching Interests

Artificial intelligence
Digital immortality
Qualitative research and qualitative research methodologies
Digital spaces
Problem based learning
Teaching in Higher Education

PhD students

Completions: 7
Currently supervising 5
PhDs examined: 11

Research Interests:

Problem-based Learning
Artificial intelligence
Digital immortality
Digital Tethering
Research methodologies
Qualitative Research Synthesis
Learning Spaces
Liquid Learning
Second Life Learning
Academic Writing and Publication

Professional Bodies

On editorial board of

Journal of Postdigital Science and Education
International Journal of Medical Education

Reviewer for

Journal of Postdigital Science and Education
International Journal of Medical Education
Journal of Excellence in College Teaching
Teachers College Record
Qualitative Research
Qualitative Inquiry
Instructional Science
Studies in Higher Education
Higher Education
Innovations in Education and Teaching International
Research in Learning Technology
Networked Learning Conference 2016/2018

Conference committees

Digital 2011
International PBL Symposium 2013
Program Committee of the 1st International Conference of the Portuguese Society for Engineering Education (CISPEE13 & 2016)

Advisory boards

Gamification of physical education (GoPE) Horizon 2020 bid 2016
International Advisory board for International Research Symposium on PBL 2017


  • Extraordinary Professor, Stellenbosch University RSA (2014-
  • Routledge author of the month May 2011
  • National Teaching Fellowship 2008-2012 (£10,000)
  • Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (2013)



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Chapters in books

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Peer reviewed publications

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