Lynn Jones

Education Technician & Education Administrator: Finance

Professional Administrative Service

Contact Details

tel: 01905 855069; 855068

Role Summary

Education Technician

The Education Technicians provide support to Academic staff within the School to facilitate teaching sessions, as well as fulfilling a range of duties including assignment management, equipment storage and issue, stock maintenance, photocopying and updating of displays. The role is varied and requires a high degree of professionalism, commitment and use of initiative. The post also involves a high level of confidentiality. The Technicians are a first point of contact for staff, students and visitors, and are therefore required to offer a high standard of customer service.

Education Administrator: Finance

This role is currently being updated

Role and Responsibilities

Education Technician

  • Set up teaching rooms in preparation for sessions (including practical lessons) and provide assistance with technical equipment. Clear and tidy rooms, and store equipment securely once sessions have finished.
  • Manage the loans of departmental equipment (such as laptops, cameras, digital voice recorders and teaching materials), keeping accurate records and ensuring the safe and timely return of all items.
  • Maintain appropriate stocks of materials and consumables for teaching sessions and National Curriculum documents etc., and initiate orders for supplies as required. Liaise with subject Tutors where necessary (e.g. for specific science, maths or art supplies purchased from subject budgets) and advise on stock levels.
  • Manage the storage and issue of stationery and printer cartridge stock for the department, keeping appropriate records, monitoring use and initiating orders as necessary.
  • Deal with assignments, to include the collection, distribution for marking and return to students, and keeping appropriate records.
  • Receive goods delivered to the department, check them against delivery notes, receipt on the financial management system and store or distribute as appropriate.
  • Make models, posters etc. for teaching sessions as required.
  • Mount and maintain displays, and produce labels and notices as required.
  • Assist with photocopying, printing and laminating where appropriate.
  • Assist in ensuring that SoE classrooms and Education Block public areas are well-maintained and that storage is appropriate, tidy and secure.

Education Administrator: Finance

This Job Description is currently being updated