Dr Laura Scurlock-Evans

Laura Scurlock Evans profile

Lecturer and Technician in Psychology

Department of Performance, Health and Wellbeing

Contact Details

email: l.scurlock-evans@worc.ac.uk

Laura is a lecturer and technician in Psychology. She teaches mainly on research methods (undergraduate and postgraduate), and manages the research participation scheme and psychometric test library in the School of Psychology. Her research interests are varied but are underpinned by themes relating to the impacts of victimisation experiences on wellbeing, interventions with offenders, and the accessibility and use of research to inform practice in different care contexts.


  • PhD Psychology (University of Worcester)
  • PgCert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (University of Worcester)
  • PgDip Psychological Research Methods (Open University)
  • BSc Psychology (Hons) (University of Bath)
  • BPS Test User: Occupational, Ability
  • BPS Test User: Occupational, Personality

Teaching & Research

Indicative teaching areas

Level 4 teaching: Introducing Psychology; Investigating Psychology

Level 5 teaching: Research Methods 2; Individual Differences; Social & Developmental Psychology

Level 6 teaching: Research Project module; Psychology and the Law

Level 7 teaching: Advanced Research Methods; Dissertation support; Developmental Psychology

Panel member of the UoW Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis Advice Clinics


Sexual violence and survivor support

Impacts of criminal victimisation and Adverse Childhood Experiences

Offender management and rehabilitation

Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice

Inclusive learning and teaching practices in research methods

External Responsibilities

BPS West Midlands Branch Committee general member: 2020-current

Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre Trustee: 2012-2014

BPS West Midlands Branch Chair: 2012-2014

PsyPAG Quarterly Editor 2012- 2014

BPS West Midlands Branch Secretary: 2011-2012

Professional Bodies

Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS)

Member of the BPS’ Division for Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology (DART-P) and Social Psychology Section (SPS)

Fellow with the Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Member of the Association for Technical Staff In Psychology (ATSiP)

Member of the Society of Evidence-Based Policing


Selected publications

Muse, K., Scurlock-Evans, L & Scott, H. (in press). “The most important question is not ‘how?’ but ‘why?’”: A multi-method exploration of a blended e-learning approach for teaching statistics within Undergraduate psychology. Psychology Teaching Review, Special Issue 27.1

Scurlock-Evans, L. & Mahoney, B. (2017). Supporting Survivors in West Yorkshire: Service Challenges, Responses and Needs. Project Report. Survivors West Yorkshire

Soliman, F., Gilchrist, L., Ilet, R., Scurlock-Evans, L. Foster, L., McPherson, K., Godwin, J. (2017). The impact of adverse childhood experiences on health and risk-taking behaviour in patients of sexual health services in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde: a findings report

Scurlock-Evans, L. & Mahoney, B. (2016). Using the Crime Survey for England and Wales to Research Sexuality and Criminal Victimisation Experiences: A Magic Bullet for Exploring Sensitive Topics? PsyPAG Quarterly, 101(December), 54-59

Scurlock, L & Upton, D. (2015). The Role and Nature of Evidence: A Systematic Review of Social Workers’ Evidence-Based Practice Orientation, Attitudes and Implementation. Journal of Evidence-Informed Social Work, 12(4), 369-399. https://doi.org/10.1080/15433714.2013.853014

Mahoney, B., Scurlock-Evans, L. & Davies, M. (2014). Victimization Among Female and Male Sexual Minority Status Groups: Evidence from the British Crime Survey 2007–2010. Journal of Homosexuality, 61(10), 1435-1461. ISSN Print: 0091-8369 Online: 1540-3602

Scurlock-Evans, L., Upton, P. & Upton, D. (2014). Evidence-Based Practice in Physiotherapy: A Systematic Review of Barriers, Enablers and Interventions. Physiotherapy, 100(3), 208-219. ISSN Print: 0031-9406 Online: 1873-1465

Selected conference/workshop items

Scurlock-Evans, L., Carmine, F., Conn, L., McKenzie, L., Loxton, B., Haigney, D. & Scott, H. (2018). Qualitative methods and sight-impairment: developing a toolkit for inclusive teaching. In: Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology Inaugural Conference, 6th-7th June 2018, Birmingham City University. (Unpublished)

Scurlock-Evans, L. & Muse, K. (2017). Top tech tips from a psychology technician’s perspective. In: Psychology, Technology and the Digital Teacher/Researcher, 29th November 2017, BPS Offices, Tabernacle Street, London. (Unpublished)

Gilchrist, L. & Scurlock-Evans, L. (2017). Exploring the role of Adverse Childhood Experiences in adult risk-taking behaviour and health outcomes: insights from a Scottish sexual health service context. NCSPVA 3rd Annual Conference, 6th June, University of Worcester, Worcester

Scurlock-Evans, L., Mahoney, B. & Lowe, M. (2016). “There’s lots of gaps [in services], horrendous gaps, all the literature will show you there’s tonnes of gaps…”: Professionals’ perspectives on sexual violence, gender and support needs, NCSPVA 2nd Annual Conference (‘Dynamics of sexual violence’), 7th June, University of Worcester, Worcester

Mahoney, B., Scurlock-Evans, L., & Wilkinson, D. (2016). Perceived impact of crime and fear of crime on quality of life: The role of victimisation, sexual orientation and gender. Invited talk, 24th May, De Montfort University, Leicester

Mahoney, B. & Scurlock-Evans, L. (2014). Using victim surveys and controlled studies for 'authentic' research on male sexual violation. Survivors UK conference: Developing a collaborative voice - Sharing practice and learning around male sexual violation, 13th September Lumen URC, London

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