Justine Bold


Senior Lecturer, Nutritional Therapy

Department of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Nutritional Therapy

Contact Details

email: j.bold@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 855391

Justine is CNHC registered and has worked part time in practice since 2003 and is a member of the NTEC accreditation committee. She is progressing a PhD, has just edited a book on integrative approaches to infertility and currently has a writing residency in care homes. Her research interests include the management of food sensitivities, coeliac disease, gluten and non-coeliac disease as well as auto immune conditions.

She delivers the nutrition education element of the SHAPE project that runs with the NHS for young people with severe mental illness such a psychosis and bi-polar disorder.


BA Hons

Teaching & Research

I currently lead three postgraduate modules on the Diet Nutrition and Health and Nutritional Therapy MSc pathways (NUTH4011 Studying Nutrition at Postgraduate Level, NUTH4013 Nutritional improvement NUTH4014 Integrated Approaches in Nutritional Therapy). I also supervise students dissertations and research projects at masters level. I have taught at degree and diploma level and also hold a PgCHE and have adult education teaching qualifications. I am interested in active learning and work based learning

My research interests include the lived experience and psychosocial effects of infertility, narratives of illness and infertility, nutrition and infertility, coeliac disease, non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, immune-mediated infertility and auto-immune conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease. I am also interested in probiotics and bowel disorders and nutritional management of problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. Other interests include dementia and creative writing and therapeutic writing. I currently have a writing residency in care homes as part of the Making of Me project.

Member of Lapidus and National Association of Writers in Education and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Professional Experience

I am a Senior Lecturer and a writer and currently work part-time at University on health and nutrition postgraduate programmes and the SHAPE project that we run with the NHS for young people with severe mental illness such as psychosis and bi-polar disorder. I hold professional registration as a Nutritional therapist and have worked in private practice since 2003. I am currently progressing a PhD at the University of South Wales related to creative writing including poetry and narratives exploring the lived experience of illness and infertility. I have published many different types of writing including short fiction, academic journal articles, pieces for the consumer press, research reports and I have recently edited a book on infertility and IVF, which contains an overview of how nutrition can impact on fertility and many patient narratives and experiences. I am also an experienced workshop leader and have worked with different types of people including those with mental health problems and dementia.



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Other Conference Presentations

Nutrition and Integrative approaches to infertility: improving patient experience and outcomes. Pelvic obstetric and gynaecological physiotherapy conference November 2016, Liverpool UK.

Sulphite Sensitivity. The Second Gluten and Food Related Disorders Conference 2012. Worcester, UK.

Postgraduate Perspectives on e-feedback, Worcester Learning & Teaching Conference, 2012, Worcester, UK

External Responsibilities

Nutrition Therapy Education Commission (NTEC) accreditation committee member
Panel member for Open University Validating Partnerships in 2017/18
External examiner for Thames Valley University 2009/10